Twitter has launched a new feature to fight disinformation

Twitter has launched a new feature to fight disinformation

Twitter announced on Monday that it had launched a new feature called Birdwatch, a forum to fight disinformation to help moderate and flag fake tweets.

"Birdwatch will allow people to identify information in tweets that they believe are misleading or false, and post entries that provide informative context," wrote Keith Coleman, Twitter's vice president in a press release. "We believe this solution will help us to react quickly when misleading information spreads," he added.

The new feature aims to trick users into flagging potentially misleading or false tweets in a similar way to Wikipedia. The project will initially only be available to a small group of users, but Coleman said the company would like the new tool to ultimately be tweeted directly to the "global Twitter community".

"We know it can be a mess at the beginning and sometimes we have problems, but we believe that this is a system worth trying," he stressed.

Over the past year, Twitter has faced increased pressure to address disinformation on the platform. In addition to removing posts, it used labelling or adding context below tweets that spread false information.

In March last year, amid a deluge of misinformation about the pandemic, the website began removing "misleading and potentially harmful content" about Covid-19. In May, it launched tweet labels that contained conspiracy theories about the origins of Covid-19 and counterfeit drugs. (PAP)

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