UK / Premier Johnson: we must use the Covid-19 epidemic to build a better country

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a speech delivered on Tuesday at the end of the ruling Conservative Party's annual conference, called for a better country to be built over the next decade after defeating the coronavirus epidemic.

He added that it is not enough just to return to the state before the epidemic, because it should become a catalyst for major changes.

Referring to Britain's post-WWII reconstruction, Johnson said he wanted to build a "new Jerusalem" with opportunities for all, with better housing and better health care.

Speaking via video links, as the conference was held remotely, the Prime Minister said that he would like to see the coronavirus retreat and the "erosion of freedom" it caused, and see the country flourishing again. "Even in the darkest of times, we can see a bright future. And we can see how to build it and we will build it together," Johnson said.

The head of government praised the British fight against the virus, saying that they had "more than enough" of this disease, which - as he said - could be overcome by joint efforts. He stressed that the epidemic could not be allowed to "hold us back or slow us down" and added that a country emerging from the crisis would be very different to it before.

"It is not enough to return to normal. We have lost too much. We mourn too much. We will not be content with repair work," Johnson said. He promised that the United Kingdom would become a world leader in green energy by 2030 and that in 10 years all houses in the country will be powered by wind farms. "Just as Saudi Arabia has oil, Britain has almost unlimited amounts of wind, but the wind has no carbon emissions and no environmental damage," he argued.

He said he would end injustice in access to welfare and extend one-to-one tuition for students who have fallen behind due to the pandemic, but also for those with unique abilities, saying it could have a groundbreaking impact on young people's life chances.

"In the abyss of World War II, in 1942, when everything was going wrong, the government outlined a vision of the post-war new Jerusalem they wanted to build. And that's what we are doing now despite this pandemic," Johnson said.

"We decide not to go back to 2019, but to do it better: reform our government system, renew our infrastructure, spread opportunities more widely and fairly and create conditions for a dynamic recovery that is not state-led, but is the result of free enterprise" - explained the leader Conservative Party.

He promised to help more 20- and 30-year-olds achieve the dream of their own home by offering fixed-rate mortgages available to those with just 5% of their home equity. own contribution.

Johnson also addressed those who criticize his leadership during the pandemic and assured that the assumptions that he did not fully recover from coronavirus in late March / early April are untrue. He also referred to more and more frequent suggestions in recent days that he had lost much of his life energy and ability to connect with people.

"I've read a lot of crap lately about how my own fight against COVID somehow drained me of my power. It's obvious nonsense, the kind of subversive propaganda you'd expect from people who don't want this government to succeed and who want to stop it. us from Brexit and all our other promises, "argued Johnson.

From London Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)


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