Updated Microsoft Phone App on Window 10

Previously, Microsoft updated the Microsoft Phone app on Windows 10 mobile operating with the new design changes. Now this company is introducing these changes to all the users with its updated version.

The updated Microsoft phone app on windows 10 adds the fluent design reveal effect and black background now occur with dark shade i.e. the black background is now replaced with the dark shade. Users must make sure that device should not have OLED screen because the Phone app can affect your device battery life. the changes made make the app more good looking and impressive. Insiders will definitely enjoy the updated version.
Luckily, the updated version of the Microsoft phone app is available for all Insiders and non-Insiders. Microsoft has stopped developing new features for Windows 10 and is likely to prepare the phone app for a new device, rumored as Andromeda. Last year 
Microsoft is reputedly working on a new project of making a device with two screens connected by the hinge. The screens of the device could fold together like books, thus increasing its demand in the market. The device would become more compact phone - like form making it more telephony. 

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