US Now Hunting Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants

US Now Hunting Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants

The State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for US visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers.

In a move that's just taken effect, the department says it has updated it's an immigrant and nonimmigrant visa application forms to request the additional information from almost all US applicants.

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The change, which was proposed in March 2018, is expected to affect about 15 million foreigners who apply for visas to enter the United States each year.

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Social media, email and phone number histories had only been sought in the past from applicants who were identified for extra scrutinies, such as people who'd travelled to areas controlled by terrorist organizations.

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Collecting the auxiliary information from more applicants "will strengthen our process for vetting these applicants and confirming their identity," says the department.

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The new visa application forms list a number of social media platforms and require the applicant to provide any account names they may have had on them over the previous five years. They also give applicants the option to volunteer information about social media accounts on platforms not listed on the form.

Along with their social network historical events, visa candidates are also demanding for five years old used phone numbers, email id, international travel and deportation status, as well as strictly ensuring if any family members have been involved in terrorist activities. Only applicants for certain diplomatic and official visa types are exempted from the requirements.

This may surely help them to identify the identity breach .....


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