USA / White House rejects Putin's proposal for an arms control treaty

USA / White House rejects Putin's proposal for an arms control treaty

The White House on Friday rejected a proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend the 2010 deal to reduce strategic armaments for a year without any conditions. The system called New START is valid until February 2021.

In a statement, US President Donald Trump's national security advisor Robert O'Brien said Putin's proposal was unacceptable. He also pointed out that the US condition was to suspend the modernization of the Russian nuclear warhead arsenal.

Putin proposed on Friday that the agreement be extended by one year without any conditions. As he assessed, such a step will make it possible to conduct substantive discussions about it.


The new START will expire in February 2021 if the parties do not agree to extend it. On Tuesday, the US authorities announced that "in principle, there is an agreement at the highest level" between the governments of the two countries on the future of the deal.

As the US president's envoy for arms control Marshall Billingsle said, the US side is ready to extend the treaty "for a certain period" provided that Moscow agrees to limit or freeze its nuclear arsenal and Washington is prepared to do the same.

The New START agreement (on further reduction and limitation of offensive strategic arms) was signed in April 2010 in Prague by the then US and Russian presidents, Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev. It entered into force in February 2011. It assumes a significant reduction of missiles and nuclear warheads on both sides. It also allows 18 inspections of military facilities per year.

From Washington, Mateusz Obremski (PAP)