Want More effective and advanced marketing with Tal-com?

Want More effective and advanced marketing with Tal-com?

Nowadays, Internet marketing is the key to boost your business sales but many people face problems to handle these things sometimes because of technical complexity or time issues.

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Are you short of time to run Google and Facebook advertising campaigns? Maybe yes! It often happens that servicing the whole range of many marketing tools takes a lot of time, and everyday tasks in this situation go to the background.

Another element is the difficulty resulting from reaching the customer through the network, with the description and specification of products or services, and thus, first and foremost, the strengths of our offer. Here, sponsored articles that help us much better than standard advertising come to our help. According to research, from 53% (AdFusion) to 64% (Nielsen) of recipients trust the information contained in sponsored articles and make purchases based on them. All because it contains valuable and attractive content, which is plundered by search engines used by users when searching for a solution to a problem.

In this way, profiled advertising reaches users as part of the so-called action strategy. "Inbound Marketing"In addition to the profiled content of sponsored articles, we use additional tools that allow us to specific target groups. The package of tools we use is much wider than the scope offered by Facebook or Google Ads. This strategy focuses forces on the client's business profile and accurate identification of his needs. These steps are the opposite of random search for potential recipients. Until recently, the vast majority of the company's processing capacity was concentrated.

The whole spectrum of tools and settings that we can use are the elements that a specialized company copes well with, unlike people who are busy with many other elements of the company's operations. Due to all the burden, it is easy to overlook many chances of reaching a much larger pool of potential customers, who can see a sponsored article displayed by profiled advertising that matches the user's preferences.

To sum up, independent marketing activities on the web can be effective only at a very early stage of the company's activity. However, in the long run, the needs for online activities are increasing, and as a result, specialized activities for less experienced people can be doubly difficult. 

If you want to discuss the details of marketing activities in your company, specialists from Tal-com will help you choose the strategy of operation, adapting it to the profile of your business. 

We at Tal-com always keep watching and trying to help businesses to grow. In a series of this effort, we have developed solutions and partnered with some of the software solutions providers to serve you in a better way. Now as a business owner if you are looking for any services from Advertisement, Marketing, to a software product purchase. We have everything.

We are helping you to grow your business in the following ways.

1. We have launched Tal-com Bazar


BAZAR is a new section that allows you to post offers on the web. The huge number of different categories and the ease with which we can add ads make it an ideal space to promote.


2. We have launched Targeted Marketing and Publish with us services

In these services, you can quickly contact us to promote your products with us through content, social media, search engine, and targeted marketing by seeing each penny calculation where we are spending and expected results.

Want to have a quick demo? Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. We have partnered with software solution providers to provide you with the best software products at the best cost


Please contact us for a free consultation and demo

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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