Want to win a day during work from home

Want to win a day during work from home

Working from home is the best thing to be more productive, but we need to do some basic setup by which we can take complete advantage of work from home. Let's discuss this in points:

1. Setup the Stage

Set up your desk with the accessories whatever is required to work. Hook your mobile phone to your Samsung Dex that lets you connect your phone to a monitor or TV with just a USB cable.


2. Find your rhythm

Time management is very crucial in work from home; that's why to try breaking your day into small sprints of 15 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of break. Repeat it 4 times in a day. Take the rest of 20 minutes also. You can set all your reminders using Galaxy Note 10.

3. Connect with your team

Send your latest updates to your team even if you are not working because of some reason. This is very obvious sometimes we are not able to attend important meetings because we away from a laptop or desktop but use your phone for the same by which you will not miss your important meetings.

4. Enhance your productivity

Make sure you have the right device to complete your work. Use Galaxy Book S and save your desk space with Space Monitor which will provide you more space on your table to put extra stuff related to your work like a cup of tea of coffee also (;

5. Take time to chill

Once your day of work is over, and you want to chill. Play your favourite computer games with curved monitors to enhance your gaming experience and get rid of fatigue.

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