Why COVID is suspected as a Bio Weapon

Why COVID is suspected as a Bio Weapon

Many countries and people are saying COVID is a bioweapon that has been testing by the anonymous country but what is the truth behind this? Why people are thinking this is a bio weapon instead of a virus.

There are several reasons and some of them we can discuss:

1. COVID virus is spreading very fast yeah it happened in past also when the plague came but how COVID is spreading is really fast and as per few experts without bioengineering, it is not possible to make this type of complex virus but till now we don't have any proofs so we can not validate.

2. There are waves coming after one and another why this is happening and the first wave was having something different, in second-wave people have seen different symptoms. Everyday wave is coming with new symptoms this is creating very deep point to think is it natural or bioengineering. 

3. In some countries vaccinated people are getting new variants of the virus which is very weird because normally our immune system has an identity of the virus after vaccination but how the virus is changing so fast.

4. Each and every type of virus has some properties by which they can be habitant in a specific kind of atmosphere. Currently, the whole world is facing the same issue how it can be a possible virus is habitant for all countries atmosphere.

The above points are points made by many people but there is no valid proof of anything so many organizations are trying to figure out how it happened.