Why India is facing heat of COVID so badly?

Why India is facing heat of COVID so badly?

If we will see overall participation of rising covid cases factors, there are many:

But let's understand what went wrong in the second wave of COVID in India.

1. People stepped out from their house, went to parties, restaurants, and ignored COVID prevention practices on a very large scale, this is one of the major factors which helped COVID to spread on that large scale.

2. Political rallies and other events which created a mob of people.

But after spread why many people are dying:

1. India has got 1 year to prepare for the second wave but there are delays in preparation projects that is why currently people don't have the medical infrastructure to support.

2. India is a very large country having billion people and a shortage of medical resources for a very long time made India helpless to tackle a virus on such a large scale.

Instead of all these things India is fighting back together and other countries also helping India to overcome the current COVID situation.
But after this whole COVID crisis world needs to think are we even have basic facilities in terms of medical because COVID has proved to many countries govt. there is a lack of medical and research infrastructure that needs to build up otherwise we can't say we have basic resources even.

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