Youtubers in a tax trap

 Youtubers in a tax trap

Your own YouTube channel gives you profits, but you have to share them with the tax office, writes Rzeczpospolita on Tuesday. He adds that officials even years later will demand payment of the tax, with interest. Explaining that we do not run a business will not help.

As the daily points out, more and more people, encouraged by the information that you can earn a fortune on movies on the Internet, try their hand at the Internet. "Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that they are VAT taxpayers. They find out about it only when the tax authorities become interested in them" - adds the newspaper.


The diary indicates that the consequences can be unpleasant: the need for backward settlement like an entrepreneur and large tax arrears.

"The basic problem is the lack of clear criteria since the activity on YouTube becomes professional enough to be considered a business that results in the necessity to pay PIT and VAT" - points out Michał Wojtas, tax advisor, partner at EOL, quoted by the daily. . He adds that it depends on how you have to settle accounts with the tax office. Jarosław Ziobrowski, attorney-at-law, partner at the law firm Kupisz i Ziobrowski, quoted by the newspaper, in turn reminds: "The fact that someone is not formally a company does not mean that it is not a company for the tax office. This is determined by regulations, and it is unclear."

According to the newspaper, doubts also apply to whom YouTuber provides the advertising service to: domestic or foreign recipients. "Youtuber, who earns on advertising, provides a service to the platform on which his films are broadcast" - Dawid Milczarek, partner at LTCA, tells the daily. He notices that few people check the regulations and contracts in this respect. "And it depends on which country the advertising service is taxed" - he adds. (PAP)

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