10 advantages of android

1. More phone choice.
Android users have a wide variety of choices from certain brands to choose at affordable prices. whereas Apple has a very confined selection of phones available for upgrades.
2. removable storage and battery
android phones battery can be removed easily due to which users can replace the battery instead of changing the whole phone. android devices also have expandable microSD card slots whereas when memory capacity needs to be increased in iPhones, it requires a costly upgrade.
3. Widgets
Widgets are self-contained programs that add functionality and flexibility to android devices. android users enjoy Battery Widget Reborn and Circle Launcher. It is easy to add widgets and shortcuts and even change the entire user interface with launchers in android devices.
4. Better hardware
some android flagship phones have much better hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has more RAM,  increased battery capacity, faster processor, and better screen resolution thus, strongly competing iPhone in the race of today's technological world.
5. Better Charging Options
Android has a fast-charging without any other added perk.no matter what android phone you have, you will always find some battery-saving options.
6. Infrared
android phones having wireless cross-device interaction can also work as a TV remote. This is the surprising facility that Android users can enjoy. 
7. Phone backup
android users can automatically back up all the photos and videos at the original resolution with iCloud and Google Photos. you can also backup unlimited photos in full resolution with Google Photos if you own a Google-branded Pixel phone.
Android has more detailed maps than apple maps, but accuracy may vary from place to place. The best choice for choosing is google map which is on both the platforms, but it's better on android because it provides A navigation app.
9. Updates
presently, only 0.5 % of android devices are working on the latest android version 8.1 Oreo. whereas 90 % of all iOS devices are now running the latest version. You can easily see the difference in updates.
10.  App Store
android provides the number of apps. If you want to shop for an app you can shop it outside of the Play Store at places such as Amazon.

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