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    Since 1979, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has provided educators with practical, creative, and engaging Prek-8 materials to support and enrich the core curriculum. Evan-Moor strive to produce educational materials that are aligned with current standards and best educational practices—and with student interests and motivations. They pride ourselves on our ability to create products that not only build and reinforce basic and complex skills, but that develop a curiosity about the subjects in which those skills are taught.

    Evan-Moor inaugural, hand-crafted book has led to more than 500 titles, as well as digital resources, e-books, centre kits, RTI resources, and an interactive learning platform for 1:1 learning models. And today, as in the early days, Evan-Moor continues to develop resources and technologies with a clear, unwavering focus on the goal of helping children learn.

    What are they offering?

    They are offering a complete package of e-books, interactive lessons, interactive games, and daily practice. You can select a subject and materials category to find best study materials for your kids. Here they are offering free section also in which you can get samples to get an idea of the quality.


    The experts at Evan-Moor have had their finger on the pulse of the trends, the standards and the unique needs of teachers and their students for over three decades. We have been on the forefront of education’s evolution and have consistently delivered quality materials that have been repeatedly proven to be effective, fun and motivating since 1979.

     Our elite educational materials have been both teachers’ and students’ favourites and we have consistently brought the “fun” back into functional education materials for millions of classrooms across America! Our teachers’ resources are offered in different formats and are available through varied methods of delivery. Find the solution that best suits the needs of your classroom with our wide selection of products. There is something for every preference, teaching style and taste. Our products and resources are available in all subjects — from language arts, math and science to writing, reading foundations and comprehension, social studies and more! We take teachers’ needs to heart and have improved our products over the years to reflect suggestions from the field. The result? Fantastically fun, engaging and effective resources and activities will pique your students’ love of learning. Explore many of our resources for free before you buy them to ensure that they are exactly the right fit for you and your students. Also check out the free resources available to all teachers and classrooms, including our printable activities, samplers and white papers. Interactive lesson trials, as well as TeacherFileBox, are available to test and try before you commit to your purchase. And inspiration, fun and motivation are always 100 percent free on our blog, “Joy of Teaching!”Although our selection varies, teachers can always be confident in Evan-Moor’s commitment to developing high-quality educational materials that meet or exceed, the federal government standards set in 2009. Present our teacher resources with utmost confidence — Evan-Moor offers the best materials in the industry!


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