• Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero

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    Science is omnipresent. In any case, paying little mind to progress, it remains a key test to get a whole understanding and direction over all parts of a compound reaction, for instance, temperature and the presentation of reacting particles and atoms.

    This requires refined tests where the majority of the variables that describe how two reactants approach, and finally respond with, each other can be uninhibitedly picked. By controlling things like the speed and the introductions of the reactants, researchers can mull over the best purposes of enthusiasm of a particular response instrument.

    EPFL researchers in another investigation as a team with scholars from the University of Toronto have constructed a mechanical assembly that enables them to control the introduction and energies of responding particles, down to about total zero.

    As indicated by researchers, it's the coldest development of a concoction bond at any point saw in atomic shafts. A sub-atomic shaft is a fly of gas inside a vacuum chamber, often utilized in spectroscopy and concentrates in crucial science.

    Researchers utilized two such shafts that converge into a solitary pillar to examine chemo-ionization, a crucial vitality exchange process that is utilized in a few applications, e.g. in mass spectrometry. Chemi-ionization is the development of a particle through the response of a gas stage iota or atom with a particle or particle in an energized state while likewise making new bonds. This procedure is useful in mass spectrometry since it makes remarkable groups that can be utilized to recognize particles.

    The character of the subsequent particle relies upon the response, another bond can be framed amid the impact, bringing about a sub-atomic particle, or else a nuclear particle can be shaped

    The investigators analyzed the response between two gases: an empowered neon iota and a particle of argon. Their mechanical get together contains two or three solenoid magnets that are used to definitively tune the bearing of an attractive field wherein the response occurs, which empowered the researchers to control the real introduction of the two iotas in regard to each other.

    Andreas Osterwalder at EPFL's Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering stated, "Despite the fact that molecules regularly are spoken to as modest balls, they are not ordinarily circular articles. Precisely in light of the fact that they are not, they have particular introductions, and this can influence their reactivity."

    "Yet, despite the fact that the trial could control the introduction which thus controlled the measure of nuclear versus sub-atomic particles shaped from the chemical-ionization, researchers found that beneath a temperature of around 20 Kelvin (- 253.15 °C), the between nuclear powers assumed control and the molecules re-situated themselves regardless of the connected field."

    "This is the first occasion when anybody has done this at such a low temperature. With this level of control, we can think about probably the most central models at the centre of science, for example, the connection between introduction and reactivity."

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  • Graphene - Material of the Future

    The advances in science and technology have enabled us to achieve
    certain feats that were deemed impossible in the near past.
    One such accomplishment of scientific research is the isolation of a single
    layer of graphite- called graphene. The structure of graphene is a
    tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are bonded in a hexagonal
    honeycomb lattice.

    The thinnest compound known to mankind, graphene has the
    thickness of a single atom, which is one-millionth of the thickness of
    human hair. It is almost transparent but can be seen with the naked eye.
    It is also the lightest known material (about 0.77mg for one square
    meter of volume). Graphene is 200 times stronger than the strongest
    of steel and has a tensile stiffness of 150,000,000 psi. Also, graphene
    is the most conductive material on earth.
    These astounding properties of graphene can revolutionize the
    electronics industry with the development of wearable, transparent,
    flexible and interactive devices. Graphene is already being used to
    increase the charging rate, capacity, and durability of batteries. In the
    automobiles and aviation industry, graphene can be used to make
    vehicles corrosion resistant and lightweight. Graphene is also being
    considered in defense technology as a replacement for Kevlar as
    protective clothing. Membranes of graphene can be used in water
    purification technology, meaning the availability of clean water all
    over the world.

    Unsurprisingly, the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to
    Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of University of Manchester

    “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two dimensional
    material graphene”
     “The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010”. The Nobel Foundation.

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