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  • The Truth Behind the Meaning of Word 'Woman'

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    Many times kids or students are asking why a woman called 'Woman'? but we marked that questions as a foolish or don't answer them but we should know the truth behind the meaning of woman in the world as we know our history is all about our civilization from stone age to 21st century now we have added many new letters in our dictionary and also discovered many things. So let's discuss the history of woman in our civilization as we all know to man and woman body is also the same the difference is their organs so in old time when word makers want to differentiate females from males by the meaning of English words they had done that on the basis of their body organs.


    This is the truth behind the exact meaning of woman this is the exact answer of the kids and students silly but sincere questions so next time when anyone will ask about why the woman called the woman? show him or her this blog post and explain this formula. Let's discuss some logic behind this it's right because in old days we need to make vocab for communication and there is no base to create any language in the stone age we use sign languages so to make this base very well we use some logic behind the shape and size of the things and human being. Like this, there are all other words which have distinct meanings and synonyms but the thing is you need to understand that in a logical way.

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