• As Students Head To Campus, Colleges Fear International Student Decline

    As college students head back to school, campus administrators are anxiously making their final count of international students enrolled for the fall semester.

    Visa numbers and college officials suggest that fewer international students have enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities over the past few years.

    And with the pool of college-age students shrinking due to demographic trends and state support for higher education sputtering, public colleges and universities that lose overseas students can find themselves in financial trouble.

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    Changes in the international higher education market and President Donald Trump’s nativist policies could be leading students from China, India and other countries to enrol elsewhere, say college administrators and experts who track student data.

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    Not every college has seen a decrease in enrollments recently, and some have seen bigger swings than others. At the University of Central Missouri, for instance, an enrollment boom driven mostly by graduate students from India peaked at over 2,700 international students in 2015, then dropped to just 900 students last year.

    Colleges have been cutting professors, programs, even athletic teams in response to falling international enrollments, The New York Times reported in January.

    There’s not a single explanation for the rapid rise and fall of international enrollment at the university. The rise seemed propelled by low prices and social media — just people talking about the university online.

    Since then, other universities have adopted the same pricing structure, and the Indian economy has slowed down, he said. Then there’s the visa situation and general worry among students that they’re not welcome in the United States.

    The Institute of International Education’s Bhandari said changing the rules governing visas and work permits is what’s most likely to hurt international enrollment over the long haul.

    Whether students feel welcome changes over time — for instance, the United States saw a temporary decline in international enrollments after the 9/11 attacks.

  • Department of Disaster Management calling students

    Tel Aviv University Logo


    Department of Disaster Management Tel Avi University is calling promising students for disaster management program so this is the best opportunity for you guys to apply here and join one of the best community of members.


    As natural and man-made disasters become more complex, there is a great need to improve the communication and coordination between the various organizations tasked with managing these disasters.

    The Master's for Multidisciplinary Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University aims to provide the program's graduates and the countries they come from (and will return to) with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergencies and disasters and their consequences as well as a broad comprehensive vision and understanding of disaster management.
    The program, which spans over one academic year, facilitates a unique collaboration between academic experts and field professionals. Furthermore, we promote and facilitate international collaboration with leaders in the field throughout the world.
    This program allows students fromworldwide to study in Israel, engage with leading experts that have acquired extensive experience in the field of emergency preparedness and management both nationally and globally, and learn from the Israeli experience from leading world experts as their lecturers and faculty.



    In recent years, there has been a major increase in demand for qualified professionals in emergency and disaster management in various international aid organizations, the United Nations, hospitals and humanitarian organizations. Our alumni hold positions around the globe in governmental bodies, international aid and security organizations, emergency management departments, NGOs, and more.
    We would highly appreciate it if you could share the information about the Master's program with various organizations and communities in your country so that we can build together a cohort of highly trained professionals that will contribute to establishing and sustaining more resilient societies. 


    School of Public Health| Sackler Faculty of Medicine | Tel Aviv University
    Tel: 972-3-640-7391 | Fax: 972-3-640-5785 | Cell: 972-548045700 



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