3 Dream Houses You can buy - Must See and Share

3 Dream Houses You can buy - Must See and Share

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Source: Domain Australia

Glass House in the mountains of Queensland (S$967,000)

Fortunately, with the Australian dollar nearly comparable to the Singapore dollar, numerous property choices have turned out to be unimaginably moderate for Singaporeans. In any case, don't hope to get gigantic, rambling Australian properties for the financial plan. In case you're hoping to live in Melbourne, a level in the CBD can set you back, in any event, S$800,000.

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In case you're willing to live far away from the city (and we're discussing a way out in the field) an alternative you can consider is the glass house in the mountains of Queensland. This dynamic structure offers all-encompassing perspectives that are unparalleled and you will get the opportunity to wake up in the serenity of nature each morning. It is additionally an incredible occasion home alternative as it offers a difference in pace and view from the standard rushing about of the city life. Be that as it may, you most likely will confront issues getting basic needs conveyed…

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A Sea View Apartment in Cape Town, South Africa (S$952,000)

It is somewhat far out and you likely won't have a considerable measure of relatives come a-knockin' however you will get a staggering perspective of the sea each morning in the event that you lived along the coastline in Cape Town. This two-room flat is extraordinary in the event that you like comfortable spaces by the shoreline.For greater properties in South Africa, you should go farther from the significant urban areas to discover your fantasy home inside a similar spending plan. Who knew property in South Africa could be very as costly?

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Source: Daiwa House

Sakura Residence by Daiwa House, Iskandar Malaysia (from S$770,000 onwards)

This improvement in Malaysia may come as an amazement since it isn't just reasonable and near Singapore, it is likewise protected, sumptuous, and ideal for the Japanese devotees. Furthermore, since you'd most likely be more acquainted with our neighbouring nation than some other colourful nation on the planet, you'd likewise be bound to purchase this one.


Sunway Iskandar in Iskandar Malaysia – where Sakura Residence is found – is one more perfect work of art venture by Sunway Property.

Known as Nature's Capital City, the task is made by coordinating the modernity of urban living and the magnificence of nature alongside network interests and needs as a primary concern in this way mirroring Sunway's central goal as Master Community Developer. The 1,800-section of land improvement site lies on the riverine of the Pandas River and neglects the Straits of Johor. The regular setting of a sublime scene highlighting rich woodlands, 700-sections of the land of held green spaces and the serene of Emerald Lake motivates the conceptualization of the name 'Nature's Capital City.

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