Apartments for rent, long-term or short-term?

Apartments for rent, long-term or short-term?

You own an apartment that you would like to rent, but you are still wondering whether it would be better to rent it in the short term for days or maybe in the long term.

To make a choice, one must first consider the pros and cons of both solutions. The biggest advantage of short-term rental is higher income but there are also weaknesses of this solution. A large number of customers means frequent contact and meetings, so you will need to keep a meeting schedule. In addition, obligations such as maintaining cleanliness in the premises or issuing and collecting keys will accumulate. key 2323278 1280 Long-term rentalis perhaps less paid but much more stable. The service is often several months old and may even be several years old. The tenant takes care of order in the apartment. Other obligations such as answering customer inquiries, commenting on opinions and issuing and collecting keys are also dropped.

The location should have an important role in making a decision.If we have an apartment in the centre of Krakow next to the market square, we will certainly find willing tourists to rent very soon. This does not mean, however, that only the location decides how to rent. It is necessary to calculate whether it pays for us to have a greater income from housing, but at the expense of effort and time.

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