Developers built the largest insect house in the world

Developers built the largest insect house in the world

It is the only such house for insects in Poland and the largest in the world. It consists of one hundred and fifty elements, each one and a half meters high and one meter wide. The structure created by entrepreneurs from the Polish Association of Developers has already delighted the residents, and now it is facing Guinness.

The idea of ​​the Saturday meeting during the World Biodiversity Day was primarily to promote ecology, but it was also accompanied by a spectacular attempt to set a new record for the largest structure of this type in the world. The house for insects could be admired over the weekend on the landing plate of the 3rd Infantry Division in Warsaw. The giant was verified by a surveyor and two independent witnesses, including an expert - dr inż. Katarzyna Roguz from the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw. The exact size of the house, given in m3, was checked, as well as the usability of the structure. For the record to be recognized, at least one module had to be inhabited by insects, and the size of the house should be greater than 81.26 m3, which is the result set in the UK last year.

“This event will remain in our memory for a long time. We have combined great fun with education and specific activities for nature. This house is a symbol of our fight for ecology, and if the record is additionally confirmed by Guinness, it will be a great satisfaction for us - said Konrad Płochocki, PZFD general director. - The main goal of our action was to activate the entire development industry not only to similar initiatives, but also to better care for nature during planned investments, he added.

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“The size of the insect house has been selected to accommodate the typical dimensions of a plywood board. Thanks to this, we have minimized the amount of waste generated during prefabrication, ”said Paweł Wołejsza, architect and structural designer.

The idea of ​​creating the largest insect house is the developers' reaction to disturbing data on changes taking place in the ecosystem. It is estimated that in the last thirty years there has been a significant decrease in the number of insects. This has an impact on many living species because nearly 80% of plants in Poland depend on the pollinators themselves. Insects also contribute, among others, to reducing pests and provide food for 60% of bird species.

“Each floor of the house is dedicated to a different group of insects, or more broadly, arthropods. The floor with reed pipes and hollow sticks is a space for pollinating solitary bees and for solitary wasps, hunting e.g. against mosquitoes and aphids. A compost heap is a place for centipedes or millipedes, i.e. animals that eat dead debris, contributing to the decomposition of dead matter. It is thanks to such organisms that the soil remains fertile and plants have constant access to substances necessary for growth. There are also fragments with straw and brushwood that can be a winter shelter for ladybugs, golden-eyed, or earwigs. Placing such houses in different places in the city can lead to the creation of a map of points that increase urban biodiversity locally. For this to succeed, however, we must remember about the appropriate,

The following companies were involved in the campaign: 7R, Aereco, Ama-Bud, Anteris, Apro Investment, Archicom Polska, Atal, Aurec Home, Budomal, Constructa Plus, Cordia, Dantex, Decoroom, Develia, Dom Development, Dynamix, Eiffage Immobilier, Equilis, Euro Styl, Fortis, Fracthon, GH Development, Greenbud Development, Hammered, HB Reavis, Interparking, Invest Komfort, Inwestycje Wielkopolski, JDM Deweloper, KDM Deweloper, Kombinat Budowlany, MLP Group, Monday Development, Murapol, Nexity, NNV - Nieruchomości-online , obido, PCG Deweloper, Polnord, Robyg, Ronson Development, SGI, Skanska, SP Invest, Spectra Development, Stocznia Cesarska, Struxi, TDJ Estate, Trei Real Estate, Tryboń PPI, Unidevelopment, Vastint, VFM Real Estate, Warsaw Property, Velux, Wawel Service, Yareal, Żagiel Dom. It is on the areas of their investments, which are located all over Poland,

Modular structures will also be installed in city parks in Olsztyn (Central Park and Kusociński Park), Poznań (Park Os. Biała, Park named after Karol Marcinkowski, City Park at Os. Batory and Os. Śmiały, Park Sołacki, Park Bambrów Poznańskich) ) and Wrocław, as well as in the Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw.

The patronage over the action was taken by: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, E-office buildings, Habitat for Humanity, Restore, KRN, Fundacja Łąka, Melo radio, Association of Polish Architects, Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw.

The action was organized as part of the Eco Avengers initiative established by the Polish Association of Developers. In addition to cyclical events, its members conduct a number of educational activities aimed at the development industry. The goal of PZFD is, inter alia, improving the quality of the environment and disseminating knowledge in the field of ecology among developers and residents.

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