During the year, the cost of maintaining flats increased by 5%.

During the year, the cost of maintaining flats increased by 5%.

During the year, the cost of maintaining a flat borne by a statistical family increased by 5%, reaching a record over PLN 1,000, according to HRE Investments estimates based on GUS data. This is the effect of, among others higher energy bills and garbage collection.

According to HRE Investments' calculations, April was the first month in history in which a statistical family spent over a thousand zlotys on the maintenance, running and furnishing of a flat, 48.5 zlotys more than a year ago.

The calculation is for a statistical family, ie living in their own property; moreover, it does not take into account the installments of loans taken out for the purchase of a flat or a house. "In simple terms, it can be assumed that our calculations show the costs of running and furnishing a house rather than acquiring it. If someone is a tenant or has a loan, his monthly cost is much higher - at least several dozen percent higher, if not several times higher" - noticed.

It was reported that the estimated cost of living was based on information on inflation published monthly by the Central Statistical Office. "Thanks to this, we know how the prices of individual goods and services related to the maintenance, equipment and running of a household change. An indispensable source of data, however, is also information on the expenditure of 3-person households. Unfortunately, these are published only once a year and thus it is necessary to make periodic adjustments to our estimates "- it was explained.

As indicated in the calculations by the main HRE analyst, Bartosz Turek, the rising costs of maintaining a roof over one's head are primarily the result of more expensive electricity and rising fees for garbage collection. We have to pay for electricity by almost 10 percent. more than a year ago, and the fees for garbage collection in the last 12 months have increased by almost 28 percent. This is a slightly smaller increase than in recent months, but, according to Eurostat data, still the fastest in Europe, the expert noted.


He emphasized that recently, house-related services such as repairs, renovations, cleaning, as well as furniture, water supply and sewage services have also increased significantly. "In this thicket of increases, there is little consolation in the gas price lower than a year ago (by 4.3 percent) or the cosmetic drop in the prices of cleaning agents (by 0.4 percent)" - said the Turk.

In his opinion, this is not the end of the increase in fees. He pointed out that the costs of carbon dioxide emissions have been rising rapidly since the end of last year, which will most likely translate into rising electricity prices. The analyst also pointed out that according to official data the rates for garbage collection continued to rise, although the pace of growth had slowed down. He added that between March and April this year. the average increase in the country was 2.8 percent.

"There are more sources of rising costs. The progressive reconstruction of economies in the world means higher demand for energy resources, and higher demand also translates into their higher prices. And so, on the exchanges, the prices of coal and oil are now about twice as high as a year ago. so important that statistically speaking, energy (heating) is responsible for about half of the cost of maintaining apartments in Poland "- said Turek.

He also noticed that the emerging information about the insufficient amount of wood on the market raised concerns about the prices of furniture in the future. "The icing on the cake are services related to housekeeping or renovation. The demand for them in many cases exceeds the supply, which results in rising rates. In the environment of the recovering economy, it should be expected that the salaries of painters, handymen and cleaners may go up. They are likely to grow faster than the average wage in the economy "- the analyst assessed. (PAP).

Author: Karolina Mózgowiec