Real estate prices in Warsaw's Żoliborz continue to grow

Real estate prices in Warsaw's Żoliborz continue to grow

If there is already an idea for a business, it remains to choose the right area for investments. Finding the right location is the first step towards your dream business.

Properties in Warsaw are extremely desirable offers on the development market. There are especially few that serve for services and large investments. A place has been put up for sale, which is perfect for businessmen from the automotive industry who want to expand their business on the map of Warsaw. We present the perfect place for your company.

The building has been put up for sale in an attractive location, on ul. Felińskiego 2, in Żoliborz in Warsaw, by the national road No. 8. Alojzego Felińskiego Street is one of the most beautiful streets in the old Żoliborz, which runs from the area of ​​the Gdańsk Railway Station and the Gdańsk Metro to ul. Krasiński. The street begins its course near the Warszawa Gdańska railway station.

To the north it crosses successively the following streets: Rydygiera, Zajączka, Lisa-Kuli, al. Wojska Polskiego, Lechoń, Mierosławski, Niegolewski and Pogonowskiego, ending its run at the intersection with Krasińskiego Street.

There are apartments, offices, schools, kindergartens, parks, restaurants and service companies in the area. The investment is located in the vicinity of Toyota and Škoda car showrooms. A footbridge is being built not far from the building, which will connect Felińskiego Street with Kłopot Street, thus shortening the road to the Arkadia gallery. An additional advantage is the direct tunnel connection with the Warszawa Gdańska station. Until now, the real estate offered for sale was used by offices, a car showroom and a vehicle inspection station. The total area of ​​the building is 2,183 m2, including 1,886.7 m2 of usable floor space.

The building consists of:

  • Underground floors of 491.58 m2:

- cellars

- warehouses

- boiler room

- room for installation connections

- WC

  • 749.67 m2 of ground floor:

- a place adapted to a car showroom

- workshop hall with auxiliary rooms

  • First floor 645.43 m2:

- office rooms

- dining room

- changing room

- bathroom and toilet

The building is equipped with 4 staircases leading to offices, workshops and warehouses. Additionally, three goods lifts weighing from 40 kg to 250 kg are installed in the workshop hall. All utilities on site: water, electricity, sewage and gas.


The plot on which the investment is located has an area of ​​1683 m2 and a rectangular shape, the area is flat. The property has direct access to Felińskiego Street with an asphalt surface. The property area is almost entirely developed. Two buildings: a vehicle inspection station and a car showroom adjoin each other, creating an internal patio. The remainder of the area consists of communication routes and a maneuvering square. The property is fenced.

The advantage of the property is its location, the possibility of extending and modernizing the building, and the functionality of the facility. An ideal place for car showrooms, open space offices, and warehouse space, especially the Polish warehouse market has recently been very popular among tenants and investors.

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