Tall people are more successful

Tall people are more successful

Tall people have a greater chance of success - this was the statement made by the Dutch science journal Quest, which investigated the relationship between success and growth.

The Dutch measure 1.81 meters on average and the Dutch women 1.67 meters. The scientific journal Quest has explored the relationship between success and growth and made some interesting discoveries. For example, the researchers calculated that in a 30-year career, a man who is 1.83 m earns PLN 155,000. euro more than a man who is 1.64 m.

Dutch psychologist Jill Knapen was commissioned by Quest to conduct research on the psychological perception and perception of growth. According to her research, the "small" category includes men under 1.70 meters and women under 1.60 meters.

"Greater growth has more positive associations, for example with prestige and social status, especially in men. Overall, tall men are also seen as better leaders and more intelligent people," she said in an interview published by Knapen magazine.

"This means that shorter people, especially small men, are automatically perceived as less suitable for leadership" - noted the psychologist.

"There has been a lot of research to prove that taller men are indeed more likely to occupy management positions. So it makes sense that people have this association," she added.

Shorter men also face prejudice. "They are seen as less mature as well as less confident, less masculine, less extroverted, less successful and less talented," the article reads.

But as the magazine points out, "there is still hope for all short people who are now dying of their hearts." After all, there are many examples of short-lived people who have become successful. "Think of the singer Prince (1.57 meters), President Vladimir Putin (1.68 meters), the singer Lady Gaga (1.55 meters or Napoleon Bonaparte (1.68 meters)", "Quest" concludes.

From Amsterdam, Andrzej Pawluszek (PAP)