3 Sports Activities one should explore this Summer

3 Sports Activities one should explore this Summer

Summertime is not just about idle days and extended rest. It is also about wising up with some physical activities. Recreational exercises and sports are the best way to boost your stamina and a great way to stay fit. Here are the 3 simple yet fun activities that will keep you energetic for the slowest season of the year.


Flying Disc


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Flying disc is an increasingly popular non-contact sport. The goal for the team is to pass the frisbee to the teammates without taking steps while throwing it.

  • Fun and a simple game.
  • Can be played indoors, on the grass and the beach.


The game involves a lot of running and agility as you try to negotiate opposing members.

What's a better way to spend the summer than making friends with the coolest sport in town!!

  1. 2. Swimming


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Swimming is among those activities which are a combination of summer, sport, and exercise. The coolness of the pool along with full body resistance that water gives you is just mesmerizing. Once you are inclined with swimming you may try out

  • Racing short laps with friends
  • Just plain fooling around
  • A doggy paddle is the best to exercise for untrained swimmers.
  • Front crawl,

breaststroke, backstroke, the butterfly are some of the main strokes.


Swimming helps to burn fats and strengthen your muscles.

Now no need to go through the mental exhaustion of a regular gym workout.

  1. 3. Cycling


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If you are a person who loves to explore then cycling can be the best option for a workout .

Exploration + Exercise = Mental Peace. Pick a lightweight bicycle with some liquids and don't forget your safety gears. One can gain a thrilling experience by riding to

  • City Lanes
  • Hit some rugged terrain on a mountain bike
  • While on vacation explore  a place on your own terms and on your own legs


Endurance and muscle strength increases.


Fitness is a matter to think due to the lifestyles we opt for. These are simple yet fun exercises which will definitely nourish your mental as well as the physical body. Nothing will work unless you do it !!!


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