An ideal weight loss companion | Gain insights Lose weight

An ideal weight loss companion | Gain insights Lose weight

Are you worried about your weight?This is best time to take actions for your health because we are offering amazing weight loss device in best offers having features like Body composition,dedicated coaching program,up to 8 users,Wifi synchronization,and baby & pregnancy modes.

Nokia Body + one of the best complete solutions for loosing weight.

High-accuracy weight and full body composition is just the beginning. Get to know a scale that coaches, rewards, and records all data automatically. And with tools at hand such as trend screens and nutrition tracking, you can set goals — and achieve them.

See yourself in a better Mirror

Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. With your history available 24/7, you can see what works, reinforce positive behaviors and stay focused on your goals.

Nuturition Tracking

What makes your numbers go up or down? Health Mate gives you perspective.Fact : Users who set a goal, track nutrition, and step on the scale regularly lose on average 4x more weight.

Upto 8 family members you can use this product because it is best item to shop!

 Full body composition analysis: Monitors weight (kg, lb., st lb.), body fat & water percentage, plus muscle & bone mass

- Automatic synchronization: Data from every weigh-in appears in the Nokia Health Mate app automatically via Wi-Fi

- Nutrition tracking: Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget

- Daily weather forecast: Step on your scale to enjoy a localized weather report

- Multi-user friendly: Recognizes up to 8 users with independent sync

While people focus on weight, full body composition helps you know what goes into that number, so you can pinpoint your efforts

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Make things in a better way loss your wait and make your life easy and happier.

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Nokia Body + | Body Composition Wi-fi Scale

Make your life easy and comfortable with Nokia Body  + and it is important to maintain health because health is wealth.


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