Equestrian Sports Rules and Regulations for Dressage

Equestrian Sports Rules and Regulations for Dressage

Have you ever experienced Horse Riding? If not then you should experience the ride and if yes then you must be having a lot of exciting memories to share. Horse Riding also is known as Equestrian is one of the most renowned Olympic games.

Dressage here often stands for gymnastics or horse ballet because the rider and horse need to perform certain moves to a panel of judges. Generally, the main reason why dressage is important, it helps to develop a sense of flexibility, balance, accuracy and strength in the horse.

There are three types of tests that rider and horse can compete in Equestrian Sport.


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1.Musical Freestyle:

This competition has various levels, during which competitors need to perform a series of movements and choreography to their chosen piece of music. The participants will be voted on the basis of artistic expression and the use of movements to the piece of music.

2. Pas de Deux

Equestrian Sport


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This test depends on both the rider and the horse. Also known as the Duo test. In this test, both riders and horses perform on the chosen music. They need to keep in mind that they synchronize their choreography and movement.

3. Quadrille

This is performed with four sets of riders and horses which is most probably similar to Pas de Deux.


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