Extra-league speedway - Stal vs Sparta for the grand finale

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Sunday's rematch in the semi-finals of the Stal Gorzów - Sparta Wrocław speedway extra league promises to be interesting. Guests will come to the Warta river with a two-point advantage. This is not much, taking into account the current disposition of Stal, which will have the advantage of its own track.

“... I always say that you have to approach your rival with full concentration, mobilization and humility because each new day in speedway shows that different situations are possible. The fact that we lost by a small difference of points in Wrocław does not mean anything, because for sure, just like this match on Sunday the previous one, it will be difficult, it will be difficult this Sunday, so everything will turn out after the 15th run "- he said during Bartosz Zmarzlik, the captain of My Bermuda Stal Gorzów, published on the Internet.




Stal Gorzów had a terrible start to the season, but it woke up in time and finally finished the main phase in second place. Sparta, despite driving evenly, took third place and had to fight for the playoffs until the end.

A week ago, the speedway riders from Wrocław opened the competition for the final by winning 46:44, and the final race at the Olympic Stadium was decisive for the result of the match.

Now the advantage of the track will be on the side of Stal. In the main phase, they defeated the Wrocław team 55:35 at home, and in the rematch in Wrocław 46:44. In the club from Gorzów, however, no one "splits the skin on a bear".

“I always say that there are no losses that cannot be made up for. Today is such a day, in the next match there is a different disposition of the day, many other factors - hardware, physical, psychological, there are various random events. This is such a complex sport. Not only human disposition but also technology has an influence here, weather conditions, everything. You have to concentrate a lot, not underestimate your opponent and not be happy that we are already in the final "- Stanisław Chomski, coach of My Bermuda Stal Gorzów told PAP.

Piotr Paluch, the coach of Gorzów juniors, does not underestimate his rival's class either. “We don't have a big loss, lost the first game, but the situation is not under control yet. Two points of loss is little and a lot. Sport is unpredictable and the Wrocław team can go here (in Gorzów - PAP) also well. There is no need to be happy with this result, just concentrate, ride a good speedway at home. It is known that driving at home is better, we are the favourite, we should make up for it, but there is always some + but + - emotions will definitely be "- Paluch assessed in an interview with PAP.

Both teams have solid leaders. W Stali is a world champion and leader of this year's Grand Prix cycle, Bartosz Zmarzlik and Dane Anders Thomsen, who has a season in the league. Sparta has Maciej Janowski and British Taia Woffinden, and also an effective Chugunov Gleb in the junior formation.

In this semi-final pair, the flavour of the competition is added by the fact that both clubs this season owe a lot to the "guest" institution, and they use the services of their brothers - Jack Holder is a guest in Stal and his older and more titled brother Chris in Sparta. Australians, full time representing the colours of the 1st league Apator Toruń, are solid riders in the extra league. Although they are not reported in the advised lineups for the match in Gorzów, we will definitely see them there.

Advised lineups:

My Bermuda Stal Gorzów:

9. Szymon Woźniak

10. Bartosz Zmarzlik

11. Niels Kristian Iversen

12. Anders Thomsen

13. Krzysztof Kasprzak

14. Wiktor Jasiński

15. Rafał Karczmarz

Betard Sparta Wrocław:

1. Maciej Janowski

2. Bartosz Curzytek

3. Przemysław Liszka

4. Max Fricke

5. Tai Woffinden

6. Soil Chugunov

7. Michał Curzytek

According to the sanitary regime in force, up to 7.5 thousand people will be able to come to the match. fans, i.e. half of the maximum number provided for the Stadium Edward Jancarz. The referee of the match will be Piotr Lis from Lublin. The competition starts on Sunday (September 27 this year), at 19:15. Of course, as it happens in speedway, the last player to deal will be the weather. (PAP)

Author: Marcin Rynkiewicz


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