Five Unbelievable Facts About Football World Cup 2018

Football%20World%20Cup%202018 ThumbnailFootball is one the popular game of the world and guys are crazy about Football World Cup 2018  so today I'm gonna tell you about some popular facts about Football.

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10 Amazing Facts about Football World Cup 2018

  1. Coaches ban their players to have sex during the World Cup.They told their players that sex is a distraction and waste of energy.
  2. Almost 62% of the World Population will see the Football World Cup 2018 according to FIFA it will be a world's most widely viewed sporting event.
  3. Over 80 Million liters of beer will be sold in stadiums during the game.
  4. Million Dollars payout for the winner after the game because it is one of the world's popular game.According to FIFA it will be run upto $80 Million dollars in Football World Cup 2018.
  5. The cup causes increased birth rates in host countries because in 2006 Germany hosted World cup and after nine months its birth rate was increased upto 10%.
  6. FIFA's claims "For the Game, For the World", is stand on three principles:
  • To Develop Football or Soccer everywhere for all.
  • To  organizing inspiring tournaments.
  • To care about society and the environment

7. Nine of the 12 World Cup stadiums in Russia were built just for the tournament. The main venue of the FIFA World Cup 2018—the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow— where the opening match and the final will be held was renovated and reopened in November. The tournament is spread across 11 cities.

8. Zimbabwe was supposed to make its World Cup debut in Russia, but the FIFA expelled them from the competition because the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) failed to pay former coach José Claudinei a severance fee within the time granted by the FIFA. Ouch!

9. Teams eliminated in the quarterfinal stage will get a further $4m. The losing semifinalists, who will then play for the third place, will get $46 million, with the winner getting $24m and the loser $22m. The winners of the FIFA World Cup will be paid $38m and the runners-up $28m.Apart from all this, each team will get another $1.5m for tournament costs.

10. USD 400 million would be shared between the participants at the 2018 World Cup in the form of prize money. It is an increase of 12 per cent from last year. Each participating team would get $8 million. If a team progresses from the group stage but gets knocked out at the round of 16 they will get an extra $4m.