Sports The Evolution of Indian Sports and its Flaws

woman stretching on gray concrete pathway

Currently, Sports is considered as the most decent and stylish profession of the world. I think you must be thinking the same because it's the complete profession in all aspects.

It is not only the profession, its something which connects everyone in the whole world. Unlike other professions, it connects everyone not only in the aspect of business or money, rather its something which makes us realize that we are the one, but we also have only one religion.

In India, sports is being played from ancient time and our players have made India proud in various disciplines. As far as I know, in the era of the famous Sanskrit epic 'Mahabharata', football was introduced by Pandavas and Kauravas.

Since then, many sports disciplined has been introduced in our country. But sadly if we look at the present, India is far behind in the sports of football at the world stage.

We didn't even represent ourselves in the famous tournament FIFA but that doesn't mean we are lagging in every discipline. Indian players have achieved some rare feat in several sports and made our country proud in the whole world.

Cricket is the dominating sport in our country and cricketers are being treated like the celebrity. Every cricket tournament is a festival in our country. It is the sport that unites us and makes us celebrate together despite being the biggest country in terms of diversity.

We should make a balance between every sport means we need to develop ourselves in every sports discipline because each one of them has their own importance and a country will only be said as a developing country if they are progressing in each sector.

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