The New And Unusual Sport Of Earthing

The New And Unusual Sport Of Earthing

Earthing is a power sprinting event over 110m. Mark Aaron Saus, created this sport. It is said that the "Earthing Champion" is the fastest human on earth - over land and through the water. This sport originated in 2013 in Denmark.

This game is a combination of Running and Swimming. The athletes playing Earthing are called "Earthlete".

About the Competition: 

The running track is 60 m long and the surface here is suitable for running barefoot. There are transitional target discs, at the end of the lanes and it is continuous with a swimming pool of 50 m. The one who touches the wall at the end of the swimming pool first is the winner of the earthing sport


What are the tracks: 

The running tracks are 60 meters long. A short course track is 30 meters. The non-abrasive, non-slip rubberised surface is good for running barefoot.

There are transitional target discs at the end of the running lanes at the end of the track is the swimming pool, it can be 25-meter short course pool or a 50-meter long course pool.  This is for the earthlite to measure the distance of the flying dive.

Marked as E1, A2, R3, T4, H5, I6, N7, and G8. 

The world record long jump is 8.95 meters.The short course earthing track is 55m and long course earthing track is 110m.

Rules and Regulations:

The athlete should start right any false start shall be disqualified. There is a signal sound to get in position and to start a race. The race is considered as complete when the athlete touches the wall of the lane. The race is completed and the athletes can come out when the last competitor completes the race.


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