Walking and climbing stairs are good training for convalescents

Walking and climbing stairs are good training for convalescents

Walking, even walking in front of the TV, cycling and climbing stairs allow people who feel weakened after COVID-19 infection to return to form - says a physiotherapist working with convalescents at the pulmonary hospital in Olsztyn, Michał Szałecki.

"Many people with a history of COVID-19 infection, coming to us to the hospital, are not able to walk in the corridor for 6 minutes on a flat, even surface. People who have been physically fit so far experience such a decline in their form that an apparently simple activity such as walking causes they are in trouble "- said a physiotherapist from the pulmonary hospital in Olsztyn, Michał Szałecki. He added that the coronavirus weakens some people so much that even when they are infected mildly, they are unable to get out of bed on their own.

"Such people definitely require help in returning to form" - told PAP a physiotherapist from the pulmonary hospital in Olsztyn.

Szałecki, who successfully rehabilitates people with a history of coronavirus infection, believes that many people with a decline in form after the infection can successfully rehabilitate themselves at home.

"We should start with the fact that we undertake rehabilitation after an infection, not during it. When we are ill, we should rest as much as possible" - said Szałecki.

Walking is an ideal exercise for people weakened after infection. "If someone has strength and possibilities, he can walk by the house or in the park. However, if there is not enough strength, you can walk around the apartment, and even walk in a place, even in front of the TV" - said the physiotherapist.

He added that people with a history of infection very often cope well with walking on flat surfaces. However, if they come across stairs or have to climb the hill, they get out of breath and out of breath. "That is why it is better to start improving your form by walking flat, gradually lengthen the distance, increase the pace and only when your form increases a bit, go up the hill or stairs" - said Szałecki.

Healers with home treadmills should set them at a pace that won't tire them too much. Under no circumstances should they start exercising at their pre-disease pace. "You should get back into shape gradually" - emphasized the physiotherapist.


People with standing problems, unable to walk, may start to regain shape by cycling. "People lying down can be rehabilitated on the so-called recumbent bikes. You can also use spinning bikes and ordinary home bikes" - emphasized Szałecki, adding that also in the case of bicycles, as well as when walking, the training time and its intensity should be gradually extended.

For people who feel in decline, but feel strong, Szałecki recommends walking up the stairs. "A lot of people say that the stairs after having passed COVID-19 are a real challenge. It is worth taking them: first go to the mezzanine, then to the first floor, and so every day higher and higher. Many people, after a few days of such training, observe an improvement in respiratory efficiency" - admitted Szałecki.

The Pulmonary Hospital in Olsztyn has developed its own program of comprehensive interdisciplinary hospital and outpatient care for patients who have been infected with COVID-19. As part of this care, people who feel physically weak and have breathing problems undergo a series of tests and undergo outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation for 21 days.

The director of the facility, Irena Petryna, told PAP that the so-called rehabilitation postowidowej is an original project of the hospital. "The interest is huge, the number of patients who require immediate assistance is very large" - admitted Petryna. (PAP)

Author: Joanna Kiewisz-Wojciechowska

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