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    Confidential Secure Matching System Gets Results!...

    HouseCarers has been securely matching Homeonwers with House Sitters since October 2000. We have researched the practice of house sitting and created acceptable guidelines to help our members make informed decisions. We use the power of the internet to connect our members across France and around the world. 

    Would you like to Match with House Sitters?

    We have many kind, Responsible pet-loving, Live-in Housesitter members, interested in your area who would love to care for your home and pets and gardens (if applicable). Your Pets may miss you - but their environment and routines remain intact - that is why live-in Housesitters provide a perfect win-win for both sides... 

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    Would you like to become a housesitter? Nominate your Areas; Preferences:- Availability; Pet Care; Location flexibility; and More. We will then send matching opportunities, and you will be found in searches. Start with a limited non-paid membership. Then to respond to messages or apply for a housesit the full membership is US$50.00 per year. 


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    Find reliable and trusted house sitters to look after your house and pets while you are away. We guide you through the process of succesfully matching Homeowner with Sitters. House Sitters list their preferences through a simple registration process. Homeowners communicate with Sitters through our confidential messages system. to preserve privacy and security.  

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    אוהבים את  חיות  המחמד שלכם ורוצים לטפל בהם באופן  הטוב ביותר .יש חברת תוספים לחיות מחמד באיכות גבוה.טיפול במוצרים של Vet Best 

    אם אתם אוהבים בעלי חיים בדיוק כמונו תהיה מעוניין ההצעה שלנו!

    אל תחכו קנו את מוצרים הטובים ביותר עבור החתולים והכלבים שלך!

    אנחנו הטובים ביותר לטפל ולפנק את החיות שלך!


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