Best Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro with OLED Display App Control

    Xiaomi launches Mi air purifier for your family in best offers because Pure air is the key of smile for your smile and we know about this because of that we are presenting this great offer in front you.

    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro with OLED Display App Control

    So,Why are you waiting?Grab this offer to secure your family from outside pollution.Xiaomi Mi air purifier works like a saver for your family.

    The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro can effectively absorb formaldehyde, remove second-hand smoke, dust, filter PM2.5 to provide health space for you and your family. Equipped with high-performance purification capacity and 3-layered filter, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro has superior performance. What's more, you can control the purifier via MiHome APP, everything is in the palm of your hand.

    The Xiaomi Mi air purifier is a state of the art system that is designed to improve the health of your whole family. Using a high performance purification capacity and three-layered filtration system the Xiaomi Mi is able to effectively absorb pollutants such as formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, dust and more in order to provide cleaner air to your home. Equipped with a primary filtration grill, larger particles such as hair, fur and other fragments are also absorbed and captured making it ideal for people with dog or cat allergies.

    Here we are listing some key qualities of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier

    New Air Boost System

    Create up to 500 m³/h CADR scores, clean the air in rooms up to 60m²!

    Toray Air Filter

    Fight larger particles like dust, hair, and other fragments.

    Activated Carbon Filter

    Wipe out formaldehydes and odors.

    OLED Display

    Shows accurate and real-time indoor air quality and the working status of the purifier.

    3-Color Indicator

    Green (PM2.5 < 75 μg/m³) means the air quality is excellent, orange (75 < PM2.5 < 150 μg/m³) means the air quality is fair, and red (PM2.5 > 150 μg/m³) means the air quality is poor.

    Smart Control with MiHome App

    MiHome app allows you to have a full control over the Mi Air Purifier Pro no matter where you are. When you are in the office see how the air quality changes in your house throughout the day and schedule automatic switch-on time so that when you get back home the whole flat welcomes you with fresh


    Name Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro
    Brand Xiaomi
    Filter Diameter 200mm
    Filter Height 293mm
    Smart Module Wi-Fi module (802.11b/g/n), laser particle sensor, temperature and humidity sensor
    Power Consumption 1.5~66W
    Voltage 220V
    Product Weight 9.7kg
    Package Weight 12.95kg
    Product Size 26 x 26 x 73.5 cm
    Package Size 35 x 35 x 90 cm
    Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro
    1 x Air Filter
    1 x Charger
    1 x User Manual

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