best computer games 2019

best computer games 2019

  • 3 Best Video Games of 2019 - Must Share

    FOR HONOR™ - Complete Edition

    This is an amazing game including 12 heroes, 7multiplayer modes, and story campaign. The new and unique part is 4 new heroes of 2019 are coming in this game (Shaolin, Nuxia, Jiang Jun, and the Tiandi). This game also includes 3 Scavengers crates, 30 days of champion status, and 3 exclusive emblem outlines.

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    Set in a dystopian setting, it's up to your uncommon group of God Eaters to bring down god-like beasts destroying the world. With an epic story, special characters, and all new God Arcs and Aragami, the most recent development in real life are here! Grow your nearby battle arsenal with the double employ God Arc "Gnawing Edge" and the two-gave moon hatchet "Heavy Moon", or battle from a far distance with the new "Beam Gun" God Arc! Risky new enemies, Ash Aragami can use Devours Attacks and enter Burst Mode,
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    expanding their quality exponentially! These adversaries are not to be played with and will expect you to take your weapon and your amusement to the following dimension!




    Created by 13 AM Games, the studio behind honor winning Rainbow, Double Cross is an energizing activity experience diversion that has players go up against the job of Zahra, an operator of R.I.F.T. (Controllers of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology) whose activity it is to keep up harmony and request between all measurements. An ongoing assault on R.I.F.T. base camp pushes players into an exciting new situation where they should utilize their R.I.F.T. created rigging to sling, swing, battle and examine crosswise
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    over unmistakable measurements. Amid their movements, players will assemble hints to convey themselves one bit nearer to finding the personality of R.I.F.T's. the assailant and spare each variety of the universe.




    In 2016, ctOS 2.0, a progressed working framework organizing city foundation, was actualized in a few US urban areas to make a more secure, progressively productive city. Play as Marcus Holloway, a splendid youthful programmer living in the origination of the tech upset, the San Francisco Bay Area. Collaborate with Dedsec, an infamous gathering of programmers, and uncover the concealed threats of ctOS 2.0, which, in the hands of degenerate organizations, is as a rule unfairly used to screen and control residents on a monstrous scale.


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  • How games can change your life - Must Read


    Are you playing computer games? If not, today I am gonna tell something after which you will start playing computer games. Nowadays we don't have so much time for physical games and the work culture becomes more mental strength based so that's why if you play computers according to research your IQ will be really good. You can be more perfect at the time of solving problems and handling real-life situations also. Many professionals and programmers are playing logical games to sharpen their minds. If you are a student you should focus on your study but in free times after physical exercises, you can play computer games. It will improve your IQ and make your future bright but wait I am not saying by playing the game only you will be a genius, it's not possible.
    How game playing can be a good profession for the future's professionals?

    As we all see many guys are making money on youtube by playing live games, this is the budding way to make your future in game playing. The Game Development companies hire good game players to play their games and test it. They are really high paying jobs and that's why you can make your future if you are putting effort at the right place.

    Here are some games for 16+ guys:

    These games are really high quality and advance so you will enjoy playing for sure but remember always put your efforts at right place nothing is bad in life you only need to give appropriate time and effort if you want to be a master of something.


    The game is all about the war between human and machine in 2127. Some guys of special forces are LEFT ALIVE on this world full of machines and danger. So they are trying to survive and hide from machines.  It's a game full of adventure and story. The music track and animations of the game are really futuristic, You can feel the guys experience who are LEFT ALIVE. To uncover the full story of this game, click on below link:



    It's a story of residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998 after engulfing the deadly virus in the whole city and guys become flesh-eating zombies. Non-infected residents were really horrified and trying to save their lives. To know more about this story, click on below link:


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