Best Jobs 2019

Best Jobs 2019

  • 15 Jobs in Cloud Computing having great demand

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    What is Cloud Computing

    , it's easy for you to only open a laptop and use cloud computing network to do it. Now there are many companies who are using this and in future, it will become root part of every industry. It's growing too fast and many companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and many more are offering cloud computing services now in the race Amazon is first according to records but all are trying to solve the problem which we were facing from very long time. Google Docs, Amazon EC2 these are the best examples of cloud computing services. When you are talking about setup remote development business from different locations cloud computing is very helpful in that part.


    Job Parts in Cloud Computing

    1. Software Engineers
    2. Senior Software Engineers
    3. Software Architect
    4. Development Operation Engineer
    5. Full Stack Developer
    6. Cloud Engineer
    7. Data Engineer
    8. Java Developer
    9. System Engineer
    10. Data Scientist
    11. System Administrator
    12. .Net Developer
    13. Backend Developer
    14. Front-End Developer

    These are some profiles which will be affected positively after having vast applications of cloud computing as I can tell you cloud computing will create more than 2 million jobs all over the world related to these job profiles.

    Future of Cloud Computing Jobs

    No Doubt it will be great because every giant company is moving for Cloud Computing as per reports they increased job opportunity by 101% in the current market and as you can see many companies like IBM acquired cloud players like RedHat to become a great player in the field of cloud computing. 

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  • Department of Disaster Management calling students

    Tel Aviv University Logo


    Department of Disaster Management Tel Avi University is calling promising students for disaster management program so this is the best opportunity for you guys to apply here and join one of the best community of members.


    As natural and man-made disasters become more complex, there is a great need to improve the communication and coordination between the various organizations tasked with managing these disasters.

    The Master's for Multidisciplinary Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University aims to provide the program's graduates and the countries they come from (and will return to) with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergencies and disasters and their consequences as well as a broad comprehensive vision and understanding of disaster management.
    The program, which spans over one academic year, facilitates a unique collaboration between academic experts and field professionals. Furthermore, we promote and facilitate international collaboration with leaders in the field throughout the world.
    This program allows students fromworldwide to study in Israel, engage with leading experts that have acquired extensive experience in the field of emergency preparedness and management both nationally and globally, and learn from the Israeli experience from leading world experts as their lecturers and faculty.



    In recent years, there has been a major increase in demand for qualified professionals in emergency and disaster management in various international aid organizations, the United Nations, hospitals and humanitarian organizations. Our alumni hold positions around the globe in governmental bodies, international aid and security organizations, emergency management departments, NGOs, and more.
    We would highly appreciate it if you could share the information about the Master's program with various organizations and communities in your country so that we can build together a cohort of highly trained professionals that will contribute to establishing and sustaining more resilient societies. 


    School of Public Health| Sackler Faculty of Medicine | Tel Aviv University
    Tel: 972-3-640-7391 | Fax: 972-3-640-5785 | Cell: 972-548045700 



    You can directly apply to create your profile for this application from below link