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Buy on rent

  • No need to Buy just on Rent By Rent-A-Center

    Use Rent-A-Center: So Much Freedom. So Much Flexibility.

     Why Wait? Get new and "like-new" home furnishings today from the most-wanted brands. Learn how Rent-A-Center and the Worry-Free Guarantee give you flexible options and extra perks like these at no extra cost, so you can shop with 100% peace of mind:

    Rent-A-Center provides customers with an impressive lineup of brand-name, rent-to-own items — from furniture and appliances to computers, electronics, and smartphones. And, as fans of RAC know, there are several ways to pay for the products you love, including Same as Cash. Here are four reasons to select the money-saving payment option. Click Here

    Benefits of Choosing RAC’s Same as Cash Payment Option

    Enjoy Some Breathing Room

    The Same as Cash option gives you a certain time frame (generally between three and six months) to purchase your item at the lowest available price: the cash price. As long as your balance reaches zero within that time frame, that is all that you pay, and you own your item.

    Whether you enjoy three, four, or six months of breathing room, the Same as Cash option puts you in control by giving you plenty of time to purchase.

    Bring It Home Today
    Unlike other retailers that require you to pay for your item in full before it leaves the store, RAC’s Same as Cash option means you can take home your product that day. There’s no layaway or waiting.

    (Way) Better Than a Credit Card
    Credit cards charge interest rates based on your credit rating, and this means you may be handing over money for the interest long after the product has been paid for. And if your credit history is less than perfect, those interest rates can be sky-high.

    Choose the Same as Cash option and purchase your item within the allotted timeframe, and you’ll never spend extra — not even a penny.

    Everything Is Included
    Even when you select the Same as Cash option, you still reap the benefits of getting the big brands at Rent-A-Center. We always include delivery, set-up, and product service and repair in your purchase price, and you can take advantage of them for as long as you make payments on your agreement. Click Here