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    Tumbador Chocolate

    Tumbador Chocolate

    Tumbador Chocolates are created from the best fixings on the planet by one of the best baked good culinary experts in N.Y. what's more, they're certain to give a gustatory experience. They include single beginning, natural, and reasonable exchange chocolates. Likewise included are intriguing natural products,flavours, new herbs, and sundryflavours, for example, Provencal pastis, Canadian whisky, Vermont maple syrup, and Georgia peanuts. Tumbador Pastry Chef Jean-FrancoisBonnet worked with the incredibly famous culinary specialist Daniel Boulud at his celebrated New York City eatery. Culinary specialist Daniel Boulud straightforwardly commends his previous Executive Pastry Chef asserting, "Hat has the method of a craftsman and the inventiveness of a craftsman.

    Chocolate of the Month Club
    He joins it with effortlessness and regard for sensitive
    flavours and surfaces." Jean-Francois experienced childhood in the waterfront town of Frejus on the Côte d'Azur, otherwise called the French Riviera. Frejus is a little Roman town between Cannes and St. Tropez. Luckily for us, he lived over a patisserie (pastry kitchen) as a young man and ended up hypnotized by the fragrance of preparingbread and baked goods. Jean-Francois found right off the bat in life that he had an energy for patisseries. He started formal preparing in the south of France under Michelin two-star culinary expert, Philippe Da Silva, at the HostellerieLes Gorges de Pennafort. From thatpoint, he held positions in a few famous kitchens, including Hotel Le San Pedro (in Saint Raphaël), La Villa Saint Elme (in Sainte Maxime), and Jacques Chibois' La Bastide Saint-Antoine (in Grasse). 10 years prior, Jean-Francois was enlisted by an American who worked with him in France, and after that moved to New York to fill in as cake culinary specialist at the Monkey Bar. He later proceeded onward toCello's and after that the Ritz-Carlton at Central Park before tolerating the Executive Pastry Chef position at Daniel in October 2003. In 2008, he left Daniel so as to open his very own chocolate business, Tumbador Chocolates, situated in Brooklyn. To tell you exactly how established in the States he is, Jean-Francois is hitched to a Puerto-Rican American. Fortunate lady – envision awakening with a prestigious chocolatier each morning! Tumbador is a district in Guatemala in the region of San Marcos, which is known for its numerous cacao ranches. It is viewed as a piece of a region called Soconusco, a customary cacao developing territory that straddles Guatemala and Mexico. Jean-Francois picked the name as a tribute to the general population who pick the cases. They are calledtumbadores and Jean-Francois' chocolates are a fitting salute to the individuals who work for adoration—our affection for chocolate!


    Lake Champlain Chocolates

    Lake Champlain Chocolates

    The New York Times has praised Lake Champlain Chocolates as the maker of "probably the best chocolate in the nation." They've gotten various industry grants, including the esteemed "Luxurious Award for Top Choice Chocolates" presented by the American Institute of Wine and Food. One of the qualities that makes Lake Champlain Chocolate items so great is their utilization of Vermont's normal assets—dairy items and maple syrup. The chocolates are a superb merge of unadulterated rich Belgian Callebaut chocolate, sweet Vermont cream, and spread, here and there mixed with 100% unadulterated Vermont maple syrup. To guarantee uncommon freshness, all Lake Champlain chocolates are made in little clusters.

    Your accumulation incorporates fifteen flavorful chocolates and a five-course inspecting of colourful truffles. Get ready for a jubilee of flavours, including the first Chocolates of Vermont flavours: Raspberry Cream, Hazelnut Praline, and glorious Pistachio Cream. As though that weren't sufficiently elating, the chocolate masters at Lake Champlain have made Champagne, French Roast, Vanilla Malt, and a unique Dark and White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache to fill your truffles!


    Droga Chocolates

    Droga Chocolates

     CA: Droga Chocolates. Signifying 'sedate' in Italian, Droga Chocolates has pursued these fundamental beliefs since its begin in 2007: the best taste, the most noteworthy quality, and the best time. We can't help but concur. What began as a leisure activity is presently an honour winning confectionary that takes your ordinary sugary treats and gives them a cutting-edge turn.


    Mindo Chocolate Makers

    Mindo Chocolate Makers

    They are known as "Tree to Bar" chocolate creators as they are engaged with the whole chocolate making the process of selecting the cacao cases to hand wrapping the last item. Actually, in light of the fact that they are included all through the whole procedure, they disclosed to us that the cocoa beans utilized in your bars were from their most recent reap so the chocolate is naturally made.


     Mayana Chocolates

    Mayana Chocolates

    Best in Salon, Most Gifted Chocolatier, Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience, and Best Dark Chocolate. All the more as of late they have been included in a few distributions, for example, Food and Wine Magazine in February 2014 as an Editor Top Ten Pick, Epicurious as one motivation To Blow Your Diet This Easter, and even have been highlighted two or multiple times on the neighbourhood news.
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  • Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma | Special Offers

    As we all know chocolate is always like universal gifts for all occasions and it is more especial on the occasion of Mother's Day because that day sweetness is most important factor for smile on every faces.Here we have world class varities of chocolate which you can buy to Grandma and Maa.As you all know tal-com always care about your comfort because of that we have free shipping offers for world wide.You do not need to pay extra charges for shipping so Why are you waiting this is one of best offer SHOP NOW!

    Sephra Belgian Milk Chocolate 20 lb case

    Belgian Milk 20 Lb Case 28002

    Belgian milk chocolate chips melt into perfect chocolate fondue for chocolate fountains and make great chocolate chip cookies, too! Excellent baking chocolate. All natural ingredients. Gluten and transfat free. Kosher dairy. Perfect for chocolate fountains!


    Passion Fruit Homemade Marshmallows

    File 20 57

    These Passion Fruit Homemade marshmallows are the most delicious marshmallows you will ever taste. You have never tasted any marshmallow so full of flavor before. These Hawaiian  passion fruit marshmallows are made fresh. For best results, put them in the freezer right when you get them until the day of your event to keep them nice and fresh.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Passion Fruit Juice, Water, Gelatin, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Artificial Color (Water, Propylene Glycol, FD&C Yellow 5, Propylparaben (as preservative), FD&C Red 40).


    Are you planning to make chocolate at your home it is also we have good reciepies and utensils for making amazing chocolate at your home.

    Sephra Caramel Fondue (5 lb tub)

    Sephra Liquid Caramel Dec2016 600x600

    NEW RECIPE! 5 lb 10 oz. tub. Sephra liquid caramel works and tastes great as an alternative to chocolate. Easily thins with water for the correct consistency. Can also be used for espresso/coffee, desserts, milk shakes/smoothies, Ice Cream and cocktails.


    Sephra Gourmet Crepe Mix - 5 lb

    Crepe 5 Lb

    NEW!! Delicious Gourmet Crepe mix. Best tasting crepe recipe and so easy to make! Just add water. Yields approx. 50 14" crepes. Only $.40 per crepe! You will love this easy crepe recipe and your family will love the smell and taste of fresh warm crepes in the morning or dessert crepes at any party. Sephra Crepe Mix comes in a 5 lb. bag. Nut Free and Kosher Dairy. FREE GROUND SHIPPING.


    Topper for Commercial Chocolate Fountains

    File 22

    Decorative topper for the 34" and 44" commercial chocolate fountains. Can use almost any object including magnetic objects. Quick and easy set up, clean up. FREE GROUND SHIPPING!






  • Surprise everyone on your party with a chocolate fountain! 

     Sephra is family owned company whose offers chocolate fountains that will change your parties and weeding.

     Impress your friends and family with chocolate pleasure.

    Sephra uses only best quality chocolate.This is also a great alternatives for children’s birthday parties.

    Everyone loves chocolate!

    Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountains - Order Online Today! 


    Sephra Free Shipping 

  • Why Are Children So Obsessed With Chocolate

    Hi guys again Learner is here with some amazing and cool facts about Chocolate, it is one of the most important and tasty dessert at our planet specially children are so curious and always ready to have Chocolate. Always everyone is saying Chocolate is harmful for kids but according to research Chocolate increases the IQ of kids so next time when your kid will go to eat Chocolate don't stop him but in excess amount everything is harmful so take care of that only.

    Sephra Zen Waffle


    You can use Chocolate as a reward for kids it is also like a goal for good things it will enhance the skills of your kid because he or she will do goal oriented learning and try to get best result.  Serve Chocolate with dinner if you want to fed the complete dinner to your child. Chocolate secures sweet memories of childhood so keep them with sweet box. 

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    האם אתה אוהב גורמה?האם אתה מחפש מוצרים נהדרים למתנה?כל המוצרים שלנו הם ייחודיים ואתה יכול לקנות אותם רק באתר זה.בהצעה יש לנו כל מה שאתה צריך לעשות אותך מאושר.השוקולדים שלנו הם הטובים ביותרבעולם. אתה תזכור את הטעם הזה לנצח! 

     למה אנחנו טובים יותר מאחרים?

    • מבחר גדול של  מוצרים  מובחרים
    • מחירים מפתיעים לטעם  נדיר
    • משלוח מהיר
    • למבינים בלבד  ואוהבי גורמה  מובחר 

    אל תחכה!בואו ללחוץ על באנרים וקישורים שלנו ולבדוק את ההצעה הזו עכשיו!

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     להרשים את החברים והמשפחה שלך בהנאה צרופה של שוקלד.

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