• IBM wins 83 million USD in patent infringement case against Groupon

    In a patent dispute between International Business Machines(IBM) and the e-commerce company Groupon, a Delaware based US jury awarded IBM 83 million USD and said that IBM’s patented e-commerce technology was used wilfully without prior authorization and a mandatory two-week trial period. IBM said that they rely on their patents to protect their innovations and were pleased by the jury’s verdict.



    Groupon has continued to deny any involvement in the infringement of valid IBM patents and has made accusations of a shakedown attempt. According to Groupon’s lawyers many of the IBM’s patents should never have been awarded because they state general ideas, and that computing their damages request was unreasonable. In its defense, Groupon also stated that IBM

    has been using outdated patents to threat other corporations for monetization. IBM sought 167 USD dollars in damages from Groupon, stating that it invests 6 billion USD annually in research and development, producing innovations for the society. IBM has said that its widely licensed technology was crucial to the development of the internet also, companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and Facebook have paid licensing fees to IBM ranging from 20 million to 50 million USD.