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    Specification of JBL Speakers

    • Device Compatibility. 3.5mm Yes. Bluetooth Yes.
    • General Specifications. Battery charge time 3.5 hours....
    • Audio Specifications. Frequency Response 150Hz – 20kHz....
    • Speaker Specifications. Transducer 2 x 1-1/2" (38mm)
    • Dimensions. Height (mm) 175....
    • Wireless System Specifications. Bluetooth transmitter power 0~20dBm (EIRP)

    Are the JBL speakers waterproof?

    JBL Charge 3 is the ultimate, waterproof, high-powered portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful stereo sound and a power bank all in one package. The Charge 3 takes the party everywhere, poolside or in the rain, thanks to the waterproof design, durable fabric, and rugged housing.

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    50%OFF JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker W/ A Built-In Strap-Hook Red - $19.95 at Newegg.com, ends 12/16http://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076973-13178402

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    תוצאת תמונה עבור מפרטי רמקול Bluetooth JBL

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    מפרט של רמקולי JBL

    • תאימות מכשירים.3.5 מ"מ  בלוטות 'כן.
    • מפרטים כלליים.זמן טעינה של סוללה 3.5 שעות....
    • מפרטי אודיו.150Hz תגובה לתדר - 20kHz....
    • מפרט רמקול.מתמר 2 x 1-1 / 2" (38mm)
    • ממדים.גובה (מ"מ) 175...
    • מפרט מערכה אלחוטי.הכוח 0 משדר Bluetooth ~ 20dBm (EIRP)

    האם רמקולי JBL עמידים למים?

    JBL  Charge 3 הוא האולטימטיבי, עמיד למים רמקול Bluetooth נייד, רב עוצמה עם צליל סטריאו עוצמתי בנק כוח הכל בחבילה אחת.3 שעות ולוקח למסיבה בכל מקום, לצד בריכה או בגשם, הודות לעיצוב העמיד למים, בד עמיד, ודיור מחוספס.

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  • Apple 'Security Loophole' Exposes Business Wi-Fi Passwords To Hackers

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    Daily Steals-Apple iMac w/ 27" Display, Core i5 2.7Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, DVD-RW + FREE Keyboard & Mouse-Apple iMac-

    Daily Steals-Apple iMac w/ 27" Display, Core i5 2.7Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, DVD-RW + FREE Keyboard & Mouse-Apple iMac-

    Regular price$ 1,899.99 Sale price$ 519.99


    The ultimate all-in-one just got a lot better. This Apple iMac 27” Desktop Computer is packed with features like a 2.7GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 1TB Hard Drive and a DVDRW SuperDrive.

    The first iMac was a revolution: An all-in-one computer that put everything — display, processor, graphics, storage, memory, and more — inside one simple, stylish enclosure. Countless innovations later, Apple has raised the bar yet again. This iMac includes the an advanced, brilliant desktop display that looks beautiful, and it’s filled with high-performance technologies. Yet it’s thin, compact and saves space on your desk.

    To do all of that required unprecedented feats of engineering — and imagination. Apple invented new technologies, pioneered new manufacturing techniques, and devised all-new ways to do more in less space.


    • Screen Size: 27 inches
    • Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1440
    • Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core I5
    • RAM: 4 GB DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 1 TB SATA
    • Radeon HD 6770M Video Card
    • Chipset Brand: ATI
    • Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 4
    • Item model number: MC813LL/A
    • Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks (Free Yosemite upgrade @ Apple.com)
    • Item Weight: 42 pounds
    • Processor Brand: Intel
    • Processor Count: 1
    • Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
    • Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
    • Power Source: AC

    Model: MC813LL/A

    Condition: Refurbished

    Warranty: 90 Day Warranty

    Packaging: Hassle-Free

    Brand: Apple

    What you get: Apple iMac 27" 2.7Ghz Core i5, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, WiFi, DVD-RW
    Wireless keyboard and mouse (may vary slightly from images)

    Product Features

      • 27-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with IPS technology
      • 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
      • 1 TB Serial ATA hard drive
      • 4 GB installed RAM
      • ATI Radeon HD 6770M Video Card
      • 8x slot-loading SuperDrive with double-layer DVD support
      • Built-in iSight camera for video chatting
      • Wi-Fi wireless networking
      • Gigabit Ethernet wired networking (10/100/1000BASE-T)
      • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
      • Side-loading SD card slot
      • Four USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire 800 port
      • Mini DisplayPort video output
      • Built-in stereo speakers with two internal 17-watt high-efficiency amplifiers
      • Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
      • Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks (Free Yosemite upgrade @ Apple.com)
      • Free wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Audi launches electric SUV in Tesla's backyard, with help from Amazon


    German extravagance auto mark Audi on Monday organized the worldwide dispatch of another electric games utility vehicle on the home turf of adversary Tesla Inc, and featured an arrangement with Amazon.com Inc to make energizing its expected e-tron models less demanding.

    The Audi e-tron moderate size SUV will be offered in the United States one year from now at a beginning cost of $75,795 before a $7,500 assess credit. It is one of a volley of electric vehicles originating from Volkswagen AG brands, and in addition other European premium brands including Daimler-possessed Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo Cars and Jaguar Land Rover.

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    All expect to grow the market for premium electric vehicles and furthermore to snatch the offer of that market from Palo Alto, California-based Tesla, which has had the specialty to a great extent to itself.

    "I need Audi to be the main electric vehicle vender in America over the long haul," Audi of America President Scott Keogh told Reuters in a meeting on Monday.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is additionally head of rocket organization SpaceX, intended to check the e-tron dispatch event by arranging a SpaceX occasion in Los Angeles at generally a similar time on Monday evening as Audi's uncovering.

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    Audi and parent Volkswagen are utilizing the US dispatch of the e-tron SUV in mid-2019 to train in on one obstruction to growing electric vehicle deals - the absence of advantageous approaches to energize their batteries.

    Audi will band together with online retailer Amazon to offer and introduce home electric vehicle charging frameworks to purchasers of the e-tron, the organizations said on Monday. Amazon will convey the equipment and contract circuit testers to introduce them through its Amazon Home Services task.

    Amazon's association with Audi to give home charging frameworks is the first run through the online retailer has hit such an arrangement with an automaker, and signs another front in Amazon's drive to extend its venture into customers' homes past the nearness of its Alexa savvy speakers in lounge rooms and kitchens.

    "We see charging establishment as a critical business," Pat Bigatel, chief of Amazon Home Services, told Reuters at Audi's dispatch occasion in San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Center.

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    Audi administrators said home charging stations would cost about $1,000, contingent upon the home's electrical framework.

    Tesla offers divider connectors for home charging at a $500 list cost, and will mastermind establishment, as indicated by the organization.

    In the meantime, Electrify America, an organization supported by Volkswagen as a component of its settlement of US diesel emanation swindling case, plans to dispatch one year from now the following round of establishments of open charging stations, Electrify America officials told Reuters.

    Tesla has built up its own particular system of Supercharger accusing stations of in excess of 11,000 chargers in North America. Jolt America intends to have 2,000 chargers introduced by mid-June one year from now. Those will be available to any vehicle, and clients can swipe a Visa to energize.

    "We need to work with every single" car mark, said Giovanni Palazzo, Electrify America's CEO.

  • Electronic devices and their Evolution

    This world is filled with full of creativity and new innovations. Every new day, we see new technologies being invented and new discoveries being made. Life is all about changes and we should be practical enough to ready for those changes in our life. In this fast changing trend of technologies, we also need to update ourselves otherwise you will be declared as an outdated person.

    Electronic devices are one of those things without which it is almost impossible to live in this technical world. We are actually surrounded by these devices.

    Let's have a glimpse about what they are,  if you are short of knowledge about some topic or want to learn something, what is the first thing which comes to your mind, Internet or smartphone or your laptop. Feeling bored, wanna watch some or explore some videos, youtube right.

    In short this all Television, Laptop, your pet Smartphone comes under electronic devices. They are now the necessity of our life. Earlier in ancient time, having a phone was like having a gem in your pocket but nowadays almost everyone has got a smartphone of their own. This is just because of the internal electronic devices used on those laptops, smartphones and other trending technologies.

    Those internal electronic devices are none other than transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors etc. When they were invented, the trend, as well as the availability of these devices was very much less.

    Electronic Devices Daily Sun

    Hence they were very costly and the machines used to make these devices were also outdated and shabby but nowadays they shrunk a lot and their cost of production is also very cheap.

    Another great invention took place when Integrated Circuits (IC) were invented. As I told you that technology is all about updating itself with time.

    Basically, the integrated circuit is a special component that contains an entire electronic circuit, complete with transistors, diodes, and other elements, all photographically etched onto a tiny piece of silicon. Integrated circuits are the building blocks of modern electronic devices such as computers and cell phones.

    It's not over yet, research is going on to innovate and invent more electronic devices like this. So just hold on and you will see the greatest developers and innovators making imagination reality because opportunities are endless and developers are pumped to work.

  • FENOMEN RETRO - Konsole i gry wciąż w modzie.

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  • Graphene for Faster and Compact Electronics

    macro photography of black circuit board

    As electronic devices overwhelm numerous parts of our lives, little gadgets that pack greater usefulness and expend bring down power are progressively getting to be well known. Transistors—one of the essential building squares of these gadgets—direct their size, speed, productivity and battery life. In an ongoing report, Ms Poonam Jangid, Mr Dawuth Pathan and Prof. A. Kottantharayil from the IIT Bombay have built up a system to manufacture graphene transistors as little as 20 nanometers wide (5000 times littler than the thickness of a sheet of paper). These graphene transistors devour less power in the backup state and can encourage quicker circuit activities.


    Silicon and related semiconductor materials have been generally used to fabricate transistors. Notwithstanding, there are huge difficulties in making littler yet quicker silicon transistors. An option is Graphene, or, in other words, type of carbon that is comprised of a single layer of carbon molecules. In its unadulterated shape, graphene is a conductor. Be that as it may, by modifying its structure, it very well may be transformed into a semiconductor, making it a perfect contender for cutting-edge transistors and other electronic gadgets.


    Graphene nanoribbons are segments of graphene made by making parallel channels on its surface by evacuating some carbon molecules. Past examinations have demonstrated that the conductivity of graphene can be controlled by changing the width and structure of the edge of the channel; the smaller the width of the strip, lesser is the conductivity. "Contrasted with silicon transistors, graphene transistors can be 100 times quicker," says Prof. Kottantharayil.


    Up until now, graphene nanoribbons are incorporated either through compound procedures or by drawing on graphene films utilising nanocrystals of metals like nickel, copper or iron. Be that as it may, neither synthetic blend nor any known technique for carving yields graphene nanoribbons with a smooth and attractive edge structure. In this investigation, distributed in the diary Carbon, the scientists have created graphene nanoribbons by drawing graphene films utilising platinum nanocrystals. Since platinum is an almost inert material and is a necessary synthetic impetus, it yielded great quality graphene nanoribbons, with a width of 10nm - 20 nm and smooth edges. The procedure was done at a temperature of around 1000oC within sight of a blend of hydrogen and argon gas.


    Transistors go about as switches that enable current to stream when they are turned on and stop it when they are turned off. Be that as it may be possible, practically speaking, a little, insignificant current, called spillage current (IOFF), streams notwithstanding when the transistor is off. It is a direct result of this spillage current that electronic gadgets expend battery control even in the reserve mode. Preferably, a productive transistor would go for having the most reduced conceivable incentive for the spillage current. A higher estimation of the present going through a transistor when it's on (ION) shows that the gadget has a higher conductivity, and can be turned on and off quicker.

    "Particle/IOFF is a figure of legitimacy for the exchanging viability of transistors. High ION results in quicker circuits and low IOFF is alluring for low backup control," clarifies Prof Kottantharayil.


    The new graphene transistor composed by the specialists demonstrated a high ION/IOFF proportion of 600 at room temperature and a high conductivity contrasted with conventional transistors as well as to graphene nanoribbon transistors made by different techniques. Even though graphene nanoribbon transistors created utilising nickel nanocrystal-based carving have a higher ION/IOFF proportion of 5000 at room temperature, they have low conductivity, which may tend to warm the gadget, lessening its proficiency.


    Even though the discoveries of the examination are energising, graphene nanoribbon transistors are still far from the real world. "To be utilised in nanoscale circuits, it is basic to create graphene nanoribbons on a vast scale with minor deformities. Graphene nanoribbons are somewhere around ten years, if not more distant, from far-reaching applications," says Prof Kottantharayil.

    A noteworthy downside of incorporating graphene nanoribbons by drawing is that they contain numerous deformities. Subsequently, to create nanoribbons on a substantial scale, non-scratching based procedures should be produced.


    "Some conceivable research heading incorporate the coordinated development of impetus nanoparticles that are kept or developed at particular areas of intrigue. A portion of the systems utilised in our examination alongside drawing based strategies could be intriguing to think about," Prof. Kottantharayil closes down.


  • OnePlus 6T To Come With Advanced Navigation Gestures, 'Whole New UI' Experience

    brown and black iPhone case on floor

    OnePlus 6T is en route to New Delhi and New York and will be divulged on the 30 October. The organisation has been discharging various mysteries. However, it's about the telephone's optical in-show unique mark scanner.

    Today, the organisation has uncovered new data about the telephone and incredibly, it isn't about the in-show unique mark scanner!

    In OnePlus discussions, a meeting of OnePlus' occupant programming master, Szymon K has been set up who gives out several new goodies.


    The telephone is said to think of an "entire new UI" encounter which is said to make this rendition of OxygenOS "most particular and natural". These are to a high degree ambiguous to get it. Additionally, he says that there is an enhanced variant of the camera in the background.


    One can hope to see the most critical change in the space of client encounter which the organisation says to have attempted to make it "smoother". They have conveyed progressions to highlights like Do Not Disturb.

    They likewise discuss the route signal to have enhanced as another motion is said to have been included which, if the client swipes from the base of the screen towards the right, will change between the two as of late utilised applications.

    The application window is said to pursue the client's finger, at whatever point they swipe up in an application.


    "As there's no route bar when utilising motions, clients couldn't get twofold tap the "recent" catch to rapidly switch between applications. This new signal gives a quick and simple substitute."

    There was likewise an issue that was significantly looked by the clients in past telephones which is that they couldn't get to Google Assistant rapidly with Gestures in variant 1.


    "That is the reason we've included another activity: simply hold the power catch for 0.5s to enact Google Assistant."

    Additionally, the organisation is said to have executed the full-screen motion which may enable the clients to explore the telephone even with a single hand.


    A considerable measure of time has been said to have spent on tweaking these activities. "Each swipe was tried more than 1000 times to guarantee the movement felt normal."

    The telephone is said to be fueled by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and one of the other things that the organisation is supposed to chip away at is an "AI-based calculation that will enable the telephone to realise when you rest, so it can limit foundation utilisation and diminish control utilisation in like manner."


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