• פייסבוק מייצרת עוזרת אישית מאינטליגנציה מלאכותית עוצמתית

    Facebook is making a voice assistant to compete with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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  • Chris Hughes calls for company breakup - Facebook

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  • Facebook admits its mistake to store hundreds of millions of account password

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  • Facebook introduces new features for Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp

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  • Facebook is making Virtual AI Powered Assistant

    Facebook is making a voice assistant to compete with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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  • Facebook is planning to bring your entire body into virtual reality

    Facebook researchers are testing ways to make full-body avatars that move when you do.

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  • Facebook will pay you to let it track what you do on your Smartphone

  • Latest Photo Bug Affect 6.8 Million Users - Facebook

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    San Francisco:US top internet based life organize Facebook conceded that about 6.8 million clients may hazard their private photographs being presented to outsider applications. The organization on Friday said more than 1,500 applications worked by 876 designers may have likewise been influenced by the bug that uncovered clients' unshared photographs amid a 12-day-time frame from Sept. 13 to Sept 25, Xinhua news organization announced. Facebook said it has settled the break and will take off one week from now "instruments for application engineers that will enable them to figure out which individuals utilizing their application may be affected by this bug."

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    Those influenced by the bug were applications "that Facebook endorsed to get to the photographs API and that people had approved to get to their photographs," Facebook included. The bug permitted those applications to see pictures of Facebook clients that they were not conceded access to. Facebook said it will give its clients notice about the conceivable introduction of their private photographs, and that it will work with designers to erase those duplicates of photographs from affected clients.


    The exposure is another case of Facebook's inability to appropriately ensure clients' security that maydrew more analysis of its protection approach. The world's biggest online networking system has been barbecued over the previous year for its misusing of client information, incorporating its contribution in a security embarrassment in March when Cambridge Analytica, a British political consultancy firm, was blamed for illicitly getting to the information of in excess of 87 million Facebook clients without their assent.

    The private data of Facebook clients was asserted to be utilized to impact the U.S. 2016 general decisions for President Donald Trump's battle. A month ago, Facebook declared that up to 50 million clients could have their records controlled by programmers because of a security bug that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg called "intense."

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  • My Social Book - Your personalized photobook without effort

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    Can you imagine you can make a book of all your social media posts to save your happy moments? Yeah, this is true you can store your happy social media moments in a single book by using My Social Book. My Social Book is a fantastic book from your Facebook & Instagram posts. This is an amazing and cool platform with a secure and easy interface so you can try it to save your social media memories. This is one and only Complete, Simple and Easy, and Be Surprised.

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    Transform any picture into an astonishing photomosaic with my social book. A unique decoration for your home that will change the way you look at any picture. This is perfect for the gift, using your own Facebook and Instagram images or our preselected images themes. If you are passionate about your social dreams and memories use this in an amazing way.

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