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    • Hi Guys Learner is here You know Flowers are the most valuable part of our life because Flowers decorates everything in your life but nowadays natural Flowers quantity are going down because of pollution and other things and artifical Flowers are taking place of natural flowers but the fragrance and other things are going down. So to tell importance of flowers I will tell you about 5 precious tips for flowers.

      Thank You

      Flowers are cute

      Flowers are so cute, colorful, and cheerful which are always ready to happy you. Always flowers are delightful and amazing.

      Flowers are Healthy

      Flowers are healthy because it controls heart stroke, blood pressure, and control your breathe rate. It filters air around you so plant flowers around you because it will help to make your health better and amazing. Sometimes doctors prescribed  to take flowers as a medicine so it has multiple usages.

      Nectar for Birds

      There are a variety of insects that feast on the nectar of flowers, but the most notable ones are bees, wasps, ants and butterflies. Because these flowers rely on an outward source to pollinate them, some plants have evolved to make themselves even more attractive to their pollinators.

      Food source for animals

      Many herbivoros animals are dependent on Flowers for their food and living so if you will save flowers it will like you feed food to animals. Flowers have so many protiens and other things which make it up. Raccoons, skunks and groundhogs also nibble on flowers from time to time.

      Medicinal Aids

      It is one of best utilization in medicine from old times because in many cases flowers are useful for many critical kind of things. Cornflower can be used to treat acne, while valerian and California poppy relieve menstrual cramps. Cats even use flowers to cause vomiting and thus eliminate stomach distress.

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    • Mothers Day is coming and you can send Mom a Bouquet  for Mother's Day.So,If you are going to planning to make this mothers day special for your mom we have special range of flowers for mothers day only.

      Precious Mom Bouquet

      Our Melody in Mauve is the perfect elegant arrangement to send to someone special. A classic mix of roses, with festive gerbera daisies are arranged neatly alongside blooms of  lilies and monte casino asters. The bouquet is a wonderful and endearing gift that will show her just how much she is loved and appreciated.


      12 Colorful Roses - Farm Fresh

      Can't decide what color to send?  Then why not pick them all! One Dozen Assorted Color Roses is a classic arrangement to send any time of the year. Our specially priced, premium farm-fresh roses arrive in a custom floral box, specially designed to create a beautiful presentation.


      Mrs. Field's®Meadow Flowers Mini Box

      Spring showers bring garden flowers and fresh cookies from Mrs. Fields®. Arrives with 18 Nibblers® bite sized cookies and 2 hand frosted flower cookies.


      Luxurious Lavender Retreat Spa Basket

      This lovely gift evokes fragrant fields of lavender and relaxing afternoons at the spa. A beautiful basket holds everything needed for a perfect spa and tea getaway. This special gift includes, Tazo Passion tea, lavender shower gel, soothing lavender body lotion, a luxurious lavender bath bar, and Lacey's toffee cookies. This gift is soothing and sensational.


      Godiva® Milk Chocolate Expressions

      Godiva® milk chocolate is famous around the world for exquisitely rich, silky smooth milk chocolate. For the milk chocolate lover in your life, this premium assortment is sure to delight. Indulge them with milk chocolate Gems, chocolate cashews, chocolate strawberries, milk chocolate with caramel bar, 31% cacao chocolate bar, milk chocolate Gems truffles and Godiva® signature chocolate biscuits. Simply exquisite! 


      Mrs. Fields® Classic Tin with Brownie and Cookie Assortment

      Now you can give the world famous Mrs. Fields tin filled with bakery fresh cookies in assorted flavors. Each tin arrives bursting with all-natural, wholesome ingredients you'll love. Inside this classic red tin is an assortment of Mrs. Fields® finest treats.  A combination of 8 cookies and 6 brownies all in a pre-selected assortment of Mrs. Field's most popular flavors. Cookies may contain nuts.


      Mrs. Fields® Snack Size Sampler Basket

      No matter the occasion, Mrs. Field's adorable basket will hit the spot. This lined woven basket arrives filled to the brim with a pre-selected assortment of her most popular cookies.



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      As I know importance of flower can be explained in our life by this Poetry

      "Pluck this little flower and take it, delay not! I fear lestit 
      droops and drop into the dust. 

      I may not find a place in thy garland, buthonour it with a touchof 
      pain from thy hand and pluck it. I fear lest the day end before Iam 
      aware, and the time of offering go by. 

      Though itscolour be not deep and its smell be faint, use thisflower 
      in thy service and pluck it while there is time. "

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    • Send Eco-Elegant Flowers

      Do you care about environment? Our flowers, mainly roses and lilies are carefully selected and ecological. Our flowers are fresh and quickly delivered. Our bouquets are uniquely designed and selected!  If you buy our products you can be cartain that you have the best quality product and eco-friendly. 

      Organic Bouquet Logo

      Why us:

      - fresh & best quality 

      - certified eco-flowers

      - quick delivery

      - Eco-Points Rewards Program

      Stunning Eco-Friendly Gifts for All Occasions

    • Flowers ThumbnailFlowers are the most important part of our history because it  plays many roles in many parts like feelings, love,sorrow, and many others so this is most important reason behind the popularity of the flowers in past decade. Flowers have many colors and fragrances showing many stages of life.The popularity of Flowers is only because of fragrance and looks actually it has it's own importance among different gifts because without flowers any event is incomplete in marriages you need Flowers, in worship Flowers are playing important role, in medical science, and many other places.In the past decades our ancestors were not so cheerful so according to old stories nature gave them precious gift in the form of Flowers with beautiful fragrancebeautiful fragrance after that everything was changed because it spread happiness like fragrance so if you are in love or sorrow you always near to flowers, Flowers are always with us in the every moment of our life Flowers are making things beautiful.

      In the old days, Women were wearing Flowers  as an ornaments but now this culture only exist in some places of India, Flowers are always special for us because of its uniqueness and multiuse so if you love nature and universe please don't waste greenery and flowers because Flowers have life also and they breathe so don't kill life unneccesarly they always help you to make every moment of your life happy and special so please don't waste Flowers.

      We have some offers on flowers so on this Fathers Day if you are looking for gifts for your father belive me this is best gift you can give him.


    • שלח פרחים אקו-אלגנטי

      האם אתם דואגים לסביבה?הפרחים שלנו, בעיקר ורדים ושושנים נבחרו בקפידה .

      הפרחים טריים ונשלחים רעננים.הזרים שלנו מעוצבים במיוחד 

        אם אתה קונה את המוצרים שלנו אתה יכול להיות בטוח שיש לך את המוצר האיכותי ביותר וידידותי לסביבה. 

      לוגו זר אורגני

      למה אנחנו:

      - טרי & האיכות הטובה ביותר 

      - אקו-פרחים מוסמכים

      - משלוח מהיר

      - אקו-נקודות Rewards Program

      מתנות ידידותיות לסביבה מדהימות לכל האירוע


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