For a good startup, it should have a good ecosystem and good business growth. The government has helped a lot with good startup ideas. Few important things which every startup person should know.
    Startup India: This is a very helpful initiative by the government. This initiative also provides a four weak free online learning program with dedicated research parks, incubators, and startup centers all over the world. The Government provides funds to the startups initially so that a person can start his business. this initiative is to create such an environment in which startups can scale effectively with facilities such as online Recognition, startup India Learning Programme, facilitated patent filling, funding support, tax benefits and addressing of regulatory issues.
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    Academics: This includes famous incubators which help you to have a good experience and improving development skills.NSRCEL is the famous oldest business center incubators in India and is available for all entrepreneurs, across sectors, domains, and industries, IIM one of the leading innovation center. CIIE in Hyderabad provides incubating support to all the aspirers.CIE has incubated 250 startups in the last few years. 
    Summer vacation: travel guide
    Private: Bengaluru based Khosla Labs( founded by Vinod Khosla and Srikanth Nadhamun) is a startup incubator whose motto is “Ideate, Prototype, Validate and Launch”.The projects get archetyped through their in-house design and pilot tested. Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship aims at boosting and strengthening entrepreneurship in India and has headquartered in ISB Hyderabad.
    Corporate: This initiative is hosted by NASSCOM and this aims at providing fund and support 10,000 technology startups in India. Google also supports this initiative and provides key mentorship,  Google training resources on how to scale startups globally.NASSCOM is now famous for Funding, Acceleration, Mentoring, and Enterprise.SAP Labs were also launched in India to accelerate entrepreneurship and tech development in India. Thes startups are incubated for one year and are backed by a mentorship program that extends their first year.

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  • NASA discloses data breach

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    The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conceded today to getting hacked not long ago. In an inside reminder sent to all representatives, the office said that an obscure gatecrasher accessed one of its servers putting away the individual information of present and previous workers. Government disability numbers were additionally traded off, NASA said. The organization said it found the hack on October 23, right around two months prior. It is hazy why the office held up about two months to inform workers, yet usually for US law implementation to ask hacked associations to defer telling influenced exploited people while they research an episode. NASA affirmed it was working with government cybersecurity accomplices "to look at the servers to decide the extent of the potential information exfiltration and distinguish possibly influenced people." The organization still doesn't know the extent of the break and the number of affected representatives. In its update today, NASA said it was informing all workers so they could take countermeasures against conceivable extortion, as a precautionary measure.

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    "Those NASA Civil Service representatives who were on-boarded, isolated from the office, as well as exchanged between Centers, from July 2006 to October 2018, may have been influenced," said Bob Gibbs, NASA Assistant Administrator, in the notice. "When recognized, NASA will give explicit follow-up data to those workers, over a significant time span, whose PII was influenced, to incorporate offering personality insurance benefits and related assets, as suitable," he said. The organization said the examination concerning the hack "will require significant investment." A NASA representative did not quickly react to ZDNet's ask for input. NASA additionally said it didn't trust that any of its missions were endangered by the hack. The US space office likewise endured comparable security ruptures in 2011 and 2016.

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