• A Surprising Story of a Bsc. Graduate

    Life can surprise you at any point in time. Whenever you will think that life is full of stupid things, it will reply to you with double impact against your thought.
    Life is full of uncertainty and will always give you opportunities to make your future better. It totally depends upon you how you utilize that diamond opportunity.
    Don't wait for the opportunities to knock on your door, sometimes you need to work hard to make them come to you.
    This is what happened with a person who was just pursuing his simple graduation degree from a college of UP.  His dream was just to get a job and to earn an average salary.


    Dhan Prakash Sharma was pursuing BSc. Agriculture from a University of Meerut. After completing his graduation, He was placed in a private firm in the marketing sector. 

    As expected, he started earning the basic salary of 15000 rupees. People think that there is no future in the agricultural field but we don't know that this is the thing why we are living. We can't even imagine our life without food and water.
    This man has explored his knowledge and after working in that firm for several years he has used his marketing skill to open his own firm of agricultural machinery.
    He was backed by the government to achieve his dream and currently, he is earning in lakhs by just doing 2 months limited course and executing his plans in a better way.

    The motive of this article to make you understand that no matter in which field you are, you only need a good vision and proper plan to execute your business.