• 3 Most Haunted Places in USA | Must Visit Before Your Death

    We all know there are many haunted places in the world which are visited by most of the guys who like thrill and suspense in their life and for those guys only I am gonna write about 3 most haunted places in the USA. 

    San Fernando Cathedral S04ERG

    San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas

    The oldest church in Texas holds memories of dark nights with this. When construction workers went there for renovation they found bones, nails, guns, and soldiers dead bodies there. Many times tourists also told they have seen shadows of someone and some unknown person in camera pics but now it's one of the places for tourism and many people visited that church every year but no one has guts to inside in night.

    If want to explore the place and try something thrilly and full of suspense.



    Mizpah Hotel Cr Courtesy

    Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

    Mizpah hotel opened in 1907 as one of the most beautiful hotels of Nevada's with all kind of luxuries. But there is a history of hotel shown by in new furnishing which is red blood colour actually women died in that total on the fifth floor after that many guests had seen a woman in the red

    http://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076976-13243412colour dress, whispering of someone in their ears, and shadow of red dress woman but this hotel is always open for guest and staff is saying she never harm anyone so if you want to explore the place you can go and stay there for a night.


    Moon River Brewing Company EFW1WT

    Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah, Georgia

    Thought about one of Savannah's most spooky areas, the Moon River Brewing Company has assumed numerous jobs previously turning into the larger house/eatery it is today. The building started as a lodging in 1821, at that point filled in as a doctor's facility for yellow fever exploited people amid the Civil War. Obviously, the building saw a great deal of death amid that time, and many trusts a portion of that shocking vitality still waits. Huge numbers of the eatery's visitors have detailed seeing a lady in period garments gazing down from the highest point of the staircase; different sightings incorporate an insulting soul named "Toby" in the storm cellar, and a soul named "Mrs Johnson" upstairs. In any case, as long as you adhere to the fundamental level, you ought to have the capacity to make the most of your brew in all-out harmony.




  • The Five Reasons Tourists Love Top 3 Places To Travel

    Hi Guys Learner is here with some amazing facts about the Top 3 Places where people love to travel for having some unique experience but before move forwarding I want to let you know Tal-com launched it's own online gift shop you can go through shopping from here for your every kind of friends. So elets back to our topic the unique in the world which can give you something unique experience.

    Poveglia, Italy

    A dark secert lie beneath the picturesque facde of this Italian island - Photo by tedlum

    Known as the haunted hospital island, Poveglia Island is Venice's dark side.In the 1700s the island housed a quarantine station for those with infectious diseases as the plague ripped through Europe. The locals believe that more than half the island’s soil is made up from the remains of plague victims. But before it was mental hospital where patients got treatment but poeple are saying the director of hospital was so cruel, he had done so many wrong experiments to their users because of that they got to death and become ghost after sometime the director committed suicide by jumping from terrace of the hospital.So if you are a ghost chaser or want to feel something unique you can travel through here.

    Tal Com Poter 964x241

    Hotel Monteleone: New Orleans, LA


    Hotel Monteleone is famously haunted by the spirit of little children. The 14th Floor (which is actually 13th Floor) is said to be the epicenter of hotel's paranormal activity. In the late 1800s a young boy named Maurice Begere died of a fever while his parents were at the theater on the 14th floor of this hotel. After that his parents tried many times to contact him through paranormal process and one time he came and told to his mom, "Mommy, don't cry, I'm ok". Guests always report for seeing a 3 years child and lift stucking on 14th floor automatically one of the big reason behind the popularity of this hotel about it's 14th floor room booking at the time of Halloween it is most requesting floor in the whole hotel people are saying that soul is not evil so they want to meet him. So if you are a ghost chaser you can book a flight or take a car and go for that hotel.

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    Castle of Good Hope Cape Town South Africa


    The castle in Cape Townwas one of the first colonial buildings in South Africa and was the site of many horrors of early colonization. In the bowels of the castle, there are cells that were regularly filled with escaped slaves, rebellious natives and even Zulu kings. Records claim that one winter, rapid floods filled the cells drowning the prisoners left shackled to the walls. The castle walls are the red because of torture blood of the people so people are saying they can hear the voices of the that tourtered people after sun set it is not allowed for anyone so if you want to visti this site pack you bag and reach before sun set with your camera to see the truth of this castle.