• Mi-26: World's Strongest Helicopter

    MI-26 is currently the strongest helicopter in the world in all terms. Its giant body and heavy body can leave you in splits once you see it.

    Sarcastic enough!

    The manufacturer of this giant beauty is Rostvertol from Russia. Russia is the country known for their heavy-duty war machines which makes it one of the most powerful countries in the world.

    Rostvertol is known for their specialization in manufacturing of giant war helicopters as well as the armed equipment carriers. This time they have prepared this beauty which can carry 20 metric tons easily.


    Most importantly, Mi-26 was built to transport military equipment such as heavy ballistic missiles and amphibious armoured personnel carriers to remote locations but later it has now become an allrounder to execute the military exercise.

    It is the second largest and heaviest helicopter ever constructed in the history of war battles. It keeps flying in the condition of high power loss in one engine, a big thanks to its engine loading sharing system which helps it to maintain balance.

    Mi-26 was generally designed to replace it predecessor Mi-6 and Mi-12, the heavy lifting helicopter for military and civil use.

    Mi-26 has twice the cabin space and payload as compared to the Mi-6, that doesn't mean that its too much heavy, it is slightly heavier than the Mi-6 while being empty.

    This war giant first flew in 1977 and it came into service finally in 1985. As of 2016 it still holds the record of greatest mass lift of 56,768.8 kilograms up to 2000 meters in the air.

    It will serve their parent country for many more years to lift their pride.