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  • 6 Most important Facts about Christmas

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    Today I am gonna tell you about 3 most amazing fact about Christmas as you all know Christmas is coming but we all don't know so many important facts about Christmas because of that I am taking this as a today's subject.

    Why XMAS?

    Everybody is thinking why XMAS? The answer is X comes from the ancient Greek language from X refers to Christ because of that XMAS means Christmas.

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    Santa Claus?

    On Christmas every kid is waiting for Santa for his or her gifts but when was the time for Santa. Actually, it's based on Mr.Nicholas who loved children and always enjoyed giving gifts secretly.

    Santa Dressup

    Who knows about the first time dressup of Santa. It can be green, purple, blue, or yellow, this was the common theme for Santa. However first-time Cococola Decided to dress up him up in colours which makes Coca-Cola Advertisement after that he is forever in red.

    Santa's Cute Reindeer

    Everyone has heard of Rudolph the red nose reindeer. But it would be impossible for Rudolph to pull Santa’s sledge alone since it is filled to the brim with gifts for every good child in the world. This is why there are eight other reindeer to help him. They are called Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, and Blixem.


    Have you ever think about why people go door to door for carolling. Actually, it's the sign of blessing and wealth pray from God for everyone. In old times it isa little bit different but St. Francis converted it into a modern form of carolling.

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    Christmas Sweaters

    As we all know no Christmas can be completed without Christmas sweaters. Before 6 months dealers are preparing to deliver amazing sweaters to the whole world in large quantity on the occasion of Christmas.

    So Let's ready for Christmas and make this Christmas for beautiful with Globecommerce and (:

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