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  • AI can now predict your personality traits by your eye movements

    In an attempt to enhance the quality of human- technology interaction, researchers have developed an Artificial Intelligence system that can predict your personality traits by analyzing your eye movements. Using machine learning algorithms, the system can establish a relationship between eye movements of an individual and their personality traits. Eye movements can reveal if a person is sociable, conscientious or curious. The algorithm can reliably recognize four of the “Big Five” personality traits- neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

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    Dr. Tobias Loetscher from the University of South Australia said that today’s robots are not socially aware and cannot adapt to non-verbal cues and that their research can open opportunities for robots to become better at interpreting human social signals. The said the research was conducted by the University of South Australia in partnership with the University of Stuttgart, Flinders University and Max Plank Institute for Informatics in Germany. The eye movements of 42 participants were tracked as they went about their regular routine on the university campus. This study has provided new insights into the emerging field of social robotics and social signal processing.

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  • Everything you need for international recruitment

    afro analyzing brainstorming 1124062 is a brand new international recruitment site, its machine learning engine allows searches to revel key words in any language. Moreover, it contains a smart sourcing tool, connected to a social network, that helps recruiters find and reveal relevant data about a candidate for a job. Intergration to the job site includes: stackoverflow, GitHub, Google docs, Linkedin and Xing.

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    Another function of the international recruitment site is anonymous recruitment where people who don’t want anyone to know about their career path, can be found and asked to share their information by recruiters sourcing talent for the purpose of an interview. Video add and Chat functionality is another thing that offers to the clients 


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