• Google is teaching children how to act online

    Google sign

    Google is set to show youngsters how to be protected on the web. That is the message behind "Be Internet Awesome," a computerized citizenship instruction program the innovation mammoth produced for schools.

    The exercises incorporate a toon amusement marked with Google's logo and blue, red, yellow and green shading palette. The amusement is intended to help understudies from third grade through 6th make preparations for rascals, programmers and other terrible performing artists.

    Google intends to achieve 5 million schoolchildren with the program this year and has collaborated with the National Parent Teacher Association to offer related workshops to guardians.

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    In any case, faultfinders say the organization's ongoing hardships — including disclosures that it was building up a controlled variant of its internet searcher for the Chinese market and had followed the whereabouts of clients who had unequivocally killed their area history — ought to exclude Google from advancing itself in schools as a model of legitimate computerized direct.

    In addition to other things, these faultfinders contend, the organization's exercises give kids the mixed up impression that the primary risk they confront online is from vindictive programmers and spooks, bypassing the security worries that emerge when tech monsters like Google itself gather clients' close to home data and track their activities on the web.

    As an investigation of Google's educational modules distributed in Emerging Library and Information Perspectives, an alumni understudy diary at Western University in Ontario, put it, "'Be Internet Awesome' for the most part introduces Google as unprejudiced and reliable, or, in other words given that the intended interest group is receptive youth."

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    In an announcement, Julianne Yi, who drives the Google program, said it had "demonstrated valuable to children, educators, and families around the globe," and was upheld by, among others, the National PTA, the International Society for Technology in Education and the Family Online Safety Institute.

    Of those gatherings, Google is a national backer of the National PTA, a money-related supporter of the Family Online Safety Institute and an all year mission patron of the International Society for Technology in Education, which advances the utilization of innovation in government-funded schools.

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    Jim Accomando, the leader of the National PTA, said the association "does not underwrite any business item or administration," in spite of the fact that organizations that offer cash to the gathering may get "special thought."

    "Google is an awesome case of an accomplice that lines up with our objectives, and they have profound tech learning that they convey to the table," he said.

    The toon amusement, Interland, offers an energized world "displayed by Google." In it, kids explore spammers and programmers "As a general rule River" and consider who in their informal community can perceive what they post online on "Careful Mountain."

    The diversion, which accompanies an exercise plan and classroom exercises, is intended to show youngsters "the essentials of advanced citizenship and wellbeing so they can investigate the online world with certainty," as per Google's webpage depiction. When understudies learn aptitudes like how to make solid passwords and not impart data to outsiders, the program urges them to be "bold" online adventurers.

    Kerry Gallagher, a collaborator essential at St. John's Preparatory School in Danvers, Massachusetts, said Google's program helped understudies learn solid approaches to be more secure and kinder on the web.

    "As opposed to being an observer, they feel just as they have the right stuff to mediate" when they watch other kids being mean on the web, Gallagher said. She included that more youthful understudies likewise picked up a "superior sense for who they should impart things to and who they shouldn't, contingent upon what that substance is."

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    Gallagher additionally fills in as the kindergarten through twelfth-grade training executive at ConnectSafely, a Silicon Valley philanthropic gathering that gets financing from Google. She said Google had paid for her air travel, cabin and suppers to talk at occasions.

    Google's name shows up on each screen of Interland and the program's testaments, which additionally fuse Google's hues. The educational programs highlight toon robots that look like the organization's Android robot symbol.

    To a few eyewitnesses, the diversion is basically a major promotion for Google.

    David Monahan, crusade administrator at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a not-for-profit support gathering, compared the program to requesting that Budweiser converse with guardians and kids about underage drinking.

    "There is an expanding familiarity with the way that all these apparently free stages are not free and that every one of us is being followed and our data is extremely the product we're paying," Monahan said. "This appears the wrong time to push assets that advise children to be daring and courageous on the web without instructing them to be careful and without giving them the data they truly require."

    This month, Kevin Hodgson, a government-funded teacher in western Massachusetts, is encouraging his 6th-grade class how to explore the web. Google materials are not part of the exercise plan.

    Hodgson said the organization's program offered understudies some critical data, and he particularly referred to the tips on the most proficient method to make more grounded passwords. Be that as it may, he said Google was characterizing security too barely by concentrating on what clients share while neglecting to encourage kids how organizations always track clients' exercises and gather their own information to indicate them promotions.

    Hodgson said one practice he encouraged his understudies was the manner by which to change online default settings that are frequently present to consider greatest information gathering by organizations. He said he likewise showed understudies how to explore online stages that can highlight negative client remarks, similar to Google's YouTube, which he knows they utilize despite the fact that they shouldn't. What's more, he discusses security saving on the web instruments, similar to the internet searcher DuckDuckGo, which does not track clients around the web.

    "We are helping them turn out to be more educated about what the computerized scene resembles," Hodgson said of his understudies, "so they can settle on decisions about what they utilize and what they don't utilize."

    Yi of Google said the organization knew that various endeavours were expected to enable youngsters to figure out how to explore the computerized world. Notwithstanding "Be Internet Awesome," she stated, "we've likewise constructed items like Family Link, which gives guardians a chance to administer their children's Google accounts; have facilitated online security school gatherings for quite a long time; and will keep on growing new instruments and assets for children, guardians and teachers."

    US corporate monsters are no outsiders to the nation's schools.

    In the 1970s, General Motors circled a free booklet in government-funded schools that included toon characters like Harry Hydrocarbon, who played down worries about the wellbeing dangers of modern contamination and proposed that air contamination would soon not be an issue, as indicated by a 1979 report, "Peddlers in the Classroom: A Review of Industry Propaganda in Schools."

    In the 1990s, Procter and Gamble advanced its own educational programs, "Choice: Earth," in schools. In addition to other things, it taught youngsters that manufactured diapers were not any more hurtful for the earth than material diapers.

    Around a similar time, Campbell Soup supported a classroom pack called the "Prego Thickness Experiment." According to a 1997 article in The New York Times, "Corporate Classrooms and Commercialism," the unit should show youngsters the logical strategy — by having them "demonstrate" that Prego pasta sauce was thicker than adversary Ragu.

    Commentators see a comparable self-serving plan with "Be Internet Awesome," which presents malevolent outsiders as the essential online danger to kids while neglecting to show them how to explore corporate information mining rehearses.

    "The best arrangement would be for this sort of preparing to be attempted by an association less put resources into how purchasers imagine security on the web," the writers of the diary article composed. "In any event, 'Be Internet Awesome' ought to have essentially less Google marking."

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    Tech organizations have been going after years to prevail upon youthful understudies as deep-rooted clients. In a previous couple of years, Google has ruled the opposition for classroom impact in the United States, outpacing rivals like Apple and Microsoft in the number of kids who utilize its applications and workstations in schools.

    It has led the pack somewhat by creating valuable items, particularly for educators and understudies, as opposed to just repurposing its buyer or business devices for school utilize. A great many understudies presently utilize Google Classroom, a classroom-administration framework that enables educators to dole out and remedy exercises on the web.

    Be that as it may, even educators like Hodgson, who utilizes Google instruments with his understudies, are hesitant of the organization's quality in schools.

    "Perhaps it has some use for people in general on the off chance that you utilize it in certain ways," he said of the "Be Internet Awesome" program. However, he included, "it fortifies the impression that Google as of now has and wouldn't like to lose."

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  • How to Check What Facebook Hackers Accessed in Your Account

    iPhone X beside MacBook

    Could programmers have possessed the capacity to see the last individual you cyberstalked or that gathering photograph you were labelled in? As per Facebook, the sad answer is "yes."

    On Friday, the informal organisation said fewer clients were influenced in a security break it uncovered two weeks back than initially assessed — about 30 million, down from 50 million. In the other uplifting news, the organisation said programmers couldn't get to more touchy data like your secret word or budgetary data. Furthermore, outsider applications weren't influenced.

    For clients officially uneasy about the protection and security of their Facebook accounts following a time of tumult, the subtle elements that programmers gained access to — sex, relationship status, primary residence and other data — may be much all the more agitating.

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    Facebook has rushed to give clients a chance to check precisely what has gotten to. In any case, past realising what data the aggressors got to, there's moderately little that clients can do — past, that is, keeping an eye out for suspicious messages or messages. Facebook says the issue has been settled.

    The organisation set up a site that its 2 billion worldwide clients can use to check if their records have been gotten to and assuming this is the case, precisely what data was stolen. It will likewise give direction on the most proficient method to spot and manage suspicious messages or messages. Facebook will also send messages individually to those individuals influenced by the hack.

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    On that page, following some fundamental data about the examination, the inquiry "Is my Facebook account affected by this security issue?" seems halfway down. It will likewise give data particular to your record in case you're signed into Facebook.

    Facebook said the programmers got to names, email locations or telephone numbers from these records. For 14 million of them, programmers acquired much more information — fundamentally anything perceptible for you that any of your companions could see, and then some. It's a quite broad rundown: client name, sexual orientation, region or dialect, relationship status, religion, primary residence, self-announced ebb and flow city, birthdate, gadget composes used to get to Facebook, instruction, work, the last 10 places you registered with or were labelled in, your site, individuals or Pages you pursue and your 15 latest ventures.

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    An extra 1 million records were influenced, yet programmers didn't get any data from them. The organisation isn't giving a breakdown of where these clients are, yet says the rupture was "genuinely wide." It intends to send messages to individuals whose records were hacked.

    Facebook said the FBI is exploring, however, requested that the organisation not talk about who might be behind the assault. The organisation said it hasn't precluded the likelihood of littler scale assaults that utilised a similar defenselessness.

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    The organisation said it has settled the bugs and logged out influenced clients to reset those computerised keys.

    Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen said in a Friday call with columnists that the organisation hadn't decided out the likelihood that different gatherings may have propelled other, littler scale endeavours to misuse a similar defenselessness before it was handicapped.

    Patrick Moorhead, the originator of Moor Insights and Strategy, said the break seemed like wholesale fraud ruptures that have happened at organisations incorporating Yahoo and Target in 2013.

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    "Those individual points of interest could be effortlessly be utilised for wholesale fraud to agree to accept Mastercards, get an advance, get your saving money secret phrase, and so forth.," he said. "Facebook ought to give every one of those clients free credit observing to ensure the harm is limited."

    Thomas Rid, an educator at the Johns Hopkins University, likewise, said the proof, especially the measure of the break, appears to point to a criminal rationale as opposed to a complex state activity, which as a rule targets fewer individuals.

    "This doesn't sound exceptionally focused by any stretch of the imagination," he said. "Normally when you're taking a gander at an advanced government activity, at that point two or three thousand individuals hacked is a considerable measure. However, they, as a rule, know who they're following."

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  • The No. 1 thing you’re getting wrong about inclusive design

    sticky notes

    The term comprehensive plan has been around for quite a long time. However, it was generally a scholastic practice up to this point. When I previously found out about the broad outline, not very many organisations were applying it to their work repeatably. At Microsoft, we searched out coaches from colleges. Above all, Jutta Treviranus and her group at Ontario College of Art and Design. Treviranus established the Inclusive Design Research Center in 1993 to centre around ways that advanced innovation can enhance societal incorporation. She has a reasonable way to deal with choosing each new accomplice of fashioners:

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    We require creators who have encountered hindrances. What we need to deliver is not a symmetrical arrangement of people with particular capabilities, however a gathering of people that can function as a group, that each can contribute a differing point of view.

    Another tutor in our initial days was the comprehensive outline pioneer Susan Goltsman. Her meaning of broad outline will dependably be my top pick: Broad framework doesn't mean you're planning one thing for all individuals. You're planning a decent variety of approaches to take an interest in the goal that everybody has a feeling of having a place.

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    Goltsman drove her plan ventures with what she called the I-N-Gs. She would sit and see what number of various human exercises were occurring in a recreation centre. Goltsman would ask, "what I-N-G is most vital to this condition?" Maybe it was running, burrowing, swinging, climbing, or dozing. Whatever the I-N-G, the following inquiry was dependable, "What number of ways can people take part in that action?"

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    Envision a play area loaded with just a single sort of swing. A swing that expects you to be a sure stature with two arms and two legs. The leading individuals who will come to play are individuals who coordinate this plan because the outline invites them and nobody else.

    But there is a wide range of ways you can plan an affair of swinging. You can modify the shape and size of the seat. You can keep a man stationary and swing the earth around them. Investment doesn't require a specific plan. A specific plan can forbid support.

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    A similar marvel applies to innovation. If composition stories required a console, PC screen, and familiarity with English, the main stories we'd perused would be from individuals who coordinate these necessities. Each component made by originators figures out who can cooperate with a situation and who is forgotten.

    Expanding on Treviranus' and Goltsman's direction, here's a working meaning of comprehensive plan that we created at Microsoft, in the wake of applying it with a great many specialists, fashioners, and business pioneers: A technique that empowers and draws on the full scope of assorted human variety. In particular, this implies including and gaining from individuals with a magnitude of points of view.

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    We additionally thought that it was useful to recognise comprehensive outline from related ideas, similar to openness and all-inclusive plan. Here's a quick preliminary that guided our work:

    Openness is characterised as 1. the characteristics that make an affair open to all. 2. an expert control went for accomplishing No. 1.

    A vital refinement is that openness is a trait, while comprehensive outline is a strategy. While rehearsing comprehensive plan should make an item more available, it is anything but a procedure for meeting all openness gauges. Preferably, openness and comprehensive plan cooperate to make encounters that are agreeable with models, as well as usable and open to all.

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    Most openness criteria became out of strategies and laws that were intended to guarantee obstruction free access for particular incapacity networks. Wheelchair access in design just wound up noticeable over the United States after Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. The 1998 Section 508 revision to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 commanded that all electronic and data innovation be open to individuals with handicaps. The United Nations made a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006, as a global consent to centre around the full societal coordination of individuals with incapacities.

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    Comprehensive outline ought to dependably begin with a strong comprehension of availability essentials. Availability criteria are the establishment of honesty for any overall arrangement.

    Another idea that is firmly identified with a comprehensive outline is the all-inclusive plan.

    General Design is characterised as the outline of a domain so it may be gotten to and utilised in the most stretched out conceivable scope of circumstances without the requirement for adjustment.

    The comprehensive plan was resulting from the assembled condition. It is established in engineering and green outline. It underscores the end arrangement, regularly one that is physically settled. The standards of the all-inclusive framework are centred around traits of the final product, for example, "straightforward and natural to utilise" and "recognisable data."

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    Conversely, the comprehensive outline was conceived out of computerised advances in the 1970s and '80s, such as subtitling for individuals who are hard of hearing and sound recorded books for visually impaired networks. A comprehensive outline is currently developing into adulthood close by the web.

    In a few zones of the world, the term comprehensive plan is utilised reciprocally with the term complete outline. I want to make a qualification between them in two different ways.

    To start with, the complete outline is most grounded in depicting the characteristics of the last plan. It is outstandingly great at drawing the idea of real articles. The comprehensive plan, on the other hand, centres around how a fashioner landed at that outline. Did their procedure incorporate the commitments of prohibited networks?

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    The second qualification, at first instituted by Treviranus: the Universal outline is one-measure fits-all. The comprehensive framework is one-estimate fits-one.

    The comprehensive plan probably won't prompt all general outlines. All detailed plans likely won't include the cooperation of barred networks. Open arrangements aren't intended continuously to consider different human variety or enthusiastic characteristics like magnificence or nobility. They need to give get to.

    Comprehensive outline, availability, and all-inclusive plan are critical for various reasons and have different qualities. Planners ought to be acquainted with each of the three.

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    A comprehensive fashioner is somebody, ostensibly anybody, who perceives and cures crisscrossed associations among individuals and their reality. They search out the aptitude of individuals who explore exclusionary outlines. The mastery of rejected networks gives understanding into a decent variety of approaches to take an interest in an affair.

  • Things to check before buying home furniture online


    Measure your space first and read the guidelines on the web, take after the item depiction and know the delivery charges before purchasing home furniture on the web, say specialists. Raghunandan Saraf, CEO and originator, Saraf Furniture, shares a rundown of things you should consider before you make irregular buys amid this bubbly season:

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    1. If you are hoping to purchase a bed or couch set, and like a specific item on the web, first measure the space where you are intending to set it up. Furniture comes in various sizes and before choosing to get one, you should painstakingly read its size determinations. Once the size has been considered, perused the terms and conditions painstakingly to check whether the merchant or the specialist organization will send somebody crosswise over to set it up for you or just abandon it on you to deal with the establishment.

    Home Office Organization

    2. Once you have finished the item that you will purchase, ensure you look down to peruse the depiction precisely. Take a note of everything from the material to shading and the careful steps.

    3. Transporting a cumbersome furniture from the dealer's distribution centre to your doorstep can once in a while be a costly plan and most online shoppers have a tendency to transmit this cost to the purchaser. It is, along these lines, essential to survey the transportation and taking care of charges to assess the total expense with the goal that you don't get an amazement in the wake of accepting the receipt.

    3. The online retailer you are shopping from may be a dependable site however it is similarly critical to twofold check the insights about the dealer offering the item. This will give a reasonable thought regarding the nature of items and bundling and feature their past request issues or transporting grievances, on the off chance that any exists. Maintain a strategic distance from the vendor if its evaluations are low.

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    4. Now that you have checked every last part of the item, odds are that you may in any case not feel happy with the quality or the size once it contacts you. All things considered, you may need to restore the item. Sadly, there are a couple of online sites that decline to trade the items once they are sold. To dodge such a circumstance, check the arrival approach at preceding get a reasonable comprehension of the terms of trade, for example, day and age considered a trade, return shipping expense et cetera. Here are a portion of the tips from Sameer A.M, originator and CEO, Bonito Designs.

    5. Before you bounce on to online stores for furniture, bring a moment to pin down what precisely are you anticipating that your furniture should serve. Begin from usefulness first, move to plan and stylish components and after that, at last, the financial plan.

    6. When you begin perusing on the web furniture store, it may bode well to initially bore into usefulness and style before going down to spending plan. Usually conceivable that you may turn out badly with the spending desire, and you may approve of a raised spending plan gave the furniture accommodates your portrayal. Additionally, sifting furniture with the spending comfortable get-go might be an awful thought.

    7. Add them to your list of things to get and make a rundown of alternatives and check for their fit in your space. This is where you may begin posting down measurements, practical components, support and so on keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee you are grabbing what fits in pleasantly with your space.

    8. Be careful about purchasing something that will fit into your current style topic. On the off chance that you have your space embellished in a vintage mould, a contemporary piece may stick out like a thistle. Utilize counselling help if necessary before you make the buy.

  • WhatsApp Is Changing Its 'Delete For Everyone' Feature To Make It Harder For Anyone To Cheat

    woman holding black smartphone at Whatsapp logo

    It was a year ago that WhatsApp presented the 'Erase for Everyone' include, which let you completely delete your messaging blunders from the discussion. Discussion.

    Presently, the organisation has settled it in the most recent refresh, so the element turns out to be more vigorous and harder to manhandle.

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    The new refresh was issued a couple of days back, which WABetaInfo sifted through. The Delete include was at first propelled with a 7-minute window a year ago, where messages would just be erased if that time window hadn't shut. It was later expanded to 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

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    The issue was, modders were utilising changed renditions of the application to swindle the element. They did this by deceiving the use into speculation the telephone was off, with the end goal of the back end erase ask. If a man's phone were off amid the whole 1-hour window, they wouldn't get the demand and the message being referred to would remain on their cellphone notwithstanding being erased from everybody else's.

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    Furthermore, some were likewise utilising it to erase messages over three years of age!

    In the new refresh, the window has been expanded to 13 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds, and it additionally has another 'square deny ask for' check. If a man's application doesn't get the erase ask for from the sender inside the 13-hour time confine, it will rather obstruct the delete as opposed to completing it for every other person. That route, in any event, the sender knows something has turned out badly as opposed to one individual in a gathering talk holding a message that ought to have been destroyed.

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    Once more, this is a back-end highlight, so no client needs to interface with it after the first sender hits the 'Erase for Everyone' catch.

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    קבוצת UK2 היא ספקית שירות בבריטניה אירוח של אינטרנט ושירותים אחרים הכוללים;אירוח אתרים (שהוא סוג של שירות אינטרנט המאפשר ללקוחותינו להפוך אתרי אינטרנט משלהם זמין להיראות דרך האינטרנט ברחבי העולם), מספקים שירותים כגון עיצוב אתרים המהווה את הבסיס להיווצרות של אתרים מיוחדים נגישים  ובעלי קידום  מעולה , הם גם חולקים אירוח לחלונות ולינוקס.אלה הם רקה שירותים המרכזיים כי UK2 מספק הקבוצה כוללת גם מותגי אירוח זולים אחרים כגון UK2.NET כי אנחנו צריכים למצוא  פתרונות  יצירתיים  למגוון העסקיםבמבט כולל לשירותים שהם מציעים.
    חלק של הצעות ידי כוללים שירותים כוללים
    אינטרנט אירוח
    אירוח UK2 בעצם יעזור לכם ביצירת האינטרנט כולו וייצור של האינטרנט שלך.
    זה מתחיל עם ידי יצירת שם תחום אם .com שלה.UK., EU., Doma., או mobi.אנשי המקצוע שלנו מסוגלים לייצר בשבילך שם תחום מקיף פשוט בהתאם לסוג של עסק שיש לך וגם לפי יישובים באזור שלך.
    פתרונות אירוח.
    אחרי שעזרנו לך לבחור שם הדומיין UK2 יספוק לכם מגוון של פתרונות אירוח לאתרים על  פי סוג הפעילות.  
    אנו  מודעים לקשיים של  עסק  מתחיל  לכן העלות האירוח החיונית נמוכה לשנה הראשונה  פרטים  לחצו  על  הבאנר האירוח  מגיע עם שם דומיין בחינם,
    ללא הגבלה 10 ג'יגה שרת דוא"ל שאתו יכול לחלוק עם אנשים בתחום שלך, ובעסק. 
    אתה יכול לארח עד 10 אתרים 
    רק כדי להזכיר.
    פתרונות אירוח אחרים כוללים אירוח עסקי, וענן עסקי 
    עסקי אירוח 
    אירוח עסקי מגיע עם ההצעות הבאות.
    יש  גם  תוכניות  נוספות  לשרותכם 
    אתה יכול לארח אתרים ללא הגבלה  
    מגיע גם עם שם דומיין בחינם מאוד
    מגיע עם מבקרים בלתי מוגבלים לאתר שלך ללא כל עלות אחרת הוסיפה 
    אתה גם מקבל ללא הגבלה גישה לדוא"ל שבו אתה יכול לחלוק עם הלקוחות שלך בתחום שלך.
    פלוס אירוח זול אחר מציע
    כפי שאתה יכול לראות UK2 מספק אירוח זול אינטרנט מרגש, יעיל עבור כל עסק זמין בחוץ.
    יש לנו גם אנשי המקצוע הנותנים שרות 24-7 כדי לעזור לך להתמודד עם כל בעיות, ..
    כלי בניית אתרים
    מלבד זה  יש לנו כלי בניית האתרים / פריט 
    זה הכלי מאפשר לכם לבנות אתר משלכם באמצעות טלפון נייד או שולחני
    אינך צריך אחד להיות גורו אינטרנט אחד יכול לבנות אתר האינטרנט שלך על ידי גרירה ושחרור 
    יש לנו עורך חכם, זמין וקשוב שלנו 
    יש לנו גם את שירות הלקוחות שלנו שפועל 24/7 כדי לעזור לך לפתור כל קושי.

    מה הופך את האתרים אנו יוצרים למיוחדים?
    אתרי האינטרנט יכול לעבוד בקלות בשיתוף עם גוגל
    האתר מאפשר לך להתחבר עם העולם החיצון למשל עם פן ספר טוויטר ו- LinkedIn.
    אתרי האינטרנט הם כל כך בטוחים ומוגנים אשר מגיעים עם תעודת SSL
    האתר ניתן להתאים אישית לפגוש תכונה המיוחדת שלך 
    גם האתר מגיע עם עורך תמונות כי מקוון המאפשר לך לערוך את התמונות מהטלפון החכם directlydirectly
    נוסף לזה יש לנו עכשיו תכונה המאפשרת לך לייבא גרפיקה ישירות לאתר שלך!
    אז להצטרף UK2 .Net היום כדי ליהנות ממגוון רחב של שירותים מרגשים היום!

    קבל 1/3 מחוץ ענן VPS

    UK2.NET Domains - קנה ו- .com ולקבל 12%

  • הילדים שלך ילמדו לקרוא באנגלית עם תוכנית זו

    לוני טונס פונטיקה

    הילדים שלכם יאהבו את זה!עכשיו ללמוד לקרוא אנגלית יהיה תענוג בשבילם!תכנית הקריאה שלנו מוקדשת בעיקר לילדים אבל זה יהיה טוב לכולם  עם קשיים בקריאה ואיות.לוני טונס פונטיקה זכה בפרסים רבים וזה נגיש מכל מקום בעולם.סטודנטים בכל מקום יכולים לשפראת  השפה בכוחות עצמם בכיתה וירטואלית ולקבל לדווח על מה שהם צריכים לשפר.

    לחץ כדי לנסות שיעורים בחינם!

    עונה זו אל תתנו לילדכם לפגר אחרי כולם .נסה לוני טונס פונטיקה 100% לחץ ללא סיכון ניסוי בחינם כאן

     למה אתה צריך לנסות לוני טונס פונטיקה?

    • תכנית הלמידה הטובה ביותר
    • כיף ובידור תוך כדי למידה
    • לקנות אותו לא משנה איפה אתה נמצא
    • אין צורך CD - חיבור לאינטרנט הוא מספיק!
    • חתן פרס עם פרסים רבים
    • 30 יום ניסיון 

    לוני טונס פונטיקה

  • להעלות את הכישורים שלך עם הקורסים שלנו עכשיו

    Transcender - שמור על תרגול בחינות ההסמכה IT 

    העלה את הכישורים שלך עם ההכיתות שלנו.יש לנו הרבה קורסים פנטסטיים.אחרי שתסיים אתה יכול למצוא עבודה שאתה חפץ.אתה יכול להיות IT specjalist, האקר וכל מה מוצא חן בעיניך. 

    מה אנו מציעים?

    • Uniique וקורסים intresting
    • עתיד גדול

    לחץ באנרים וקישורים ולבדוק את ההצעה שלנו עכשיו!


    קורסים מקוונים לבטיחות מזון ואלכוהול - לחץ כאן למידע נוסף!