Online Security

Online Security

  • Real Time Office for your office and internet connection

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    PANDA DOME ESSENTIAL 2019 is the best solution for all your network security as we all know nowadays network security is so much important because of that many of us are looking for best solution for the security of internet connection. It's the best savior of your network from Ransomware, anonymous internet access and gives you real-time antivirus protection. 


    • Antivirus protection with Firewall
    • Mac and Android devices real-time antivirus protection
    • Protect your Wifi Network from hackers and prying neighbors.
    • Manage your child internet usage and app protection
    • Encrypt your confidential data
    • Speed up and improve your device performance
    • Unlimited Premium 24/7 technical support


    1. Buy Your Panda Dome Protection
    2. Download the App from here
    3. Enter the activation code
    4. Enjoy your life with complete peace of mind!

    So if you are looking for the best solution that fits your need compatible with Android, IOS, and IOS. It's a most trusted solution having 4000+ reviews and you can go through the reviews before trying it.

    Panda DOME Essential


    1 DEVICE | 1 YEAR
    1439.49 INR/YEAR
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  • Tips to stay safe online | Be Safe over Internet

    Being connected with friends and family on Facebook and spending hours scrolling your Instagram is all well and good until your safety is compromised or you are scammed. Here are a few ways you can ensure that you are safe on social media.

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    1. Always use strong passwords. Avoid obvious passwords that can be predicted easily. An alphanumeric string using letters, numbers and special characters is always a safe bet.
    2. Check what you are sharing. Revealing your home address, bank account information or contact number online have dangerous consequences.
    3. Do not post pictures of your vacation until you get back home. Posting pictures while you are not home can give an idea that your residence is not occupied and can be an easy target for robbers.

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    1. Do not use the same password for every online account. Hackers and scammers may gain deep access to your virtual presence. You can also be a victim of identity theft.
    2. Set unique answers to your security answers. It is one more layer of added security and is available on almost every online platform.
    3. Avoid clicking on sketchy- lookingemails in your mailbox. It is an easy way of phishing that may expose your password.
    4. Lock your phone. It goes without saying that in case your phone gets lost and in hands of a stranger, you would not want your confidential details to be accessible by everyone.