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  • 3 Best Social Media Management Tools To Save Your Time

  • 3 Facts That Nobody Told You About Importance Of Social Media For Your Business.

    Image1 ThumbnailHi guys Learner is again here with some 5 important facts about Importance of Social Media for your Business. In today's world when you are talking about Business and identity of Business people always search on web for your identity on web if you have not so much budget to make showcase website and other things you can start with Social Media platforms by creating your pages and ids on all important Social Media platforms from here you can get bestIm chance to show case your product and services to your target customer for free basic plans but if you want to do it in advance way which will be beneficial for your for sure you can  contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because we are offering you best services according to your business need, model, and plans. Lets discuss about 5 points which explains you Importance Of Social Media For Your Business.

    Improved Brand Awarness

    Social Media always give your best improvements in your brand awarness because it will attract user's eye on social platform everyday, there are more than 1.8 billion users on most trending social media platforms and here everyone can see you. Now you are promoting your business to 1.8 billion users and in this you can choose your targeted media by making social groups and sending promotional messages to them.

    So much Cost effective

    When you are going to use Social Media for your brand promotion you don't need to worry about so much budget because it will take only small budget according to your need like if you want to cover whole country people then you need to large budget because here budget as per you want to cover the number of users but in real scenarios if you have a business you don't want to publish single post for a whole country because you have different plans for different peoples so here to start you need aprox $10 for two days as in general cases so let's start your social with Tal-com having traffic of 1.8 Million users per month, contact us now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Business Class Sale!

    Let's engage with your customers

    Socia Media provides you a free platform from where you can get real time communication with your client according to their need, it is the most affective thing because sometimes we need things or products urgent so we don't care about seller and all, we only care about time like medicine so this is one of the best benefit for you.

    For more information to grow you business or create your own tal-com page to promote your business among 1.8 Million users contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because tal-com always care about your business and clients.

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  • Facebook admits its mistake to store hundreds of millions of account password

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  • False Social News may cause of Death

    Hi guys today I am gonna tell you something important because nowadays guys are using Social media, I'm not saying it is bad thing but sometimes  guys are using this like newspaper and based on prank news can give birth to wrong decisions so if you are on Social media it's ok but don't believe everything because in past days some guys are killed based on Social Media fake news and this is so worst thing in the world. Why you should care about Social media, here is some points:

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    1. There is no proof of social media news so don't believe on it because now guys are using Social media as a prank tool.
    2. Some cases people are ruining your prestige on the basis of social media so let them do block them

    But today gaint Social Media platform founder Mr. Mark said that he will wipe out bad things from the platform and the credibilty back because now guys treating Social Media account like bank account.

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  • How social media has transformed the model casting process

    woman wearing gray long-sleeved shirt and gray skirt standing

    We are on the whole acquainted with the narratives of how popular models were explored once upon a time. Take Kate Moss being found as a 14-year-old smoking a cigarette in anaeroplane terminal, a 15-year-old Naomi Campbell strolling through Covent Garden or an adolescent Jourdan Dunn found while perusing in Primark. All were halted and asked "Have you at any point thought about demonstrating?" and the rest is design history.

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    Those models coincidentallywere in the opportune place at the ideal time. In any case, in the times ofinternet-based life, models can be seen at whatever point and wherever they need, discovered through hashtag as opposed to exploring the lanes.

    Dutch model Alyssa Traoré is one such online networking example of overcoming adversity. Following quite a while of chasing for an office that would sign her, she took mattersinto her own particular hands, sharing headshots of herself by means of Instagram in the desire for getting an operator's attention. It worked. Presently she's displayed for everybody from Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors to Erdem, Prada and Valentino.

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    However, it works both ways; while Instagram can be an incredible stage for trying models to flaunt their portfolios, it can likewise be similarly as helpful for organizationsendeavouring to locate the following huge name. IMG Models beganthem We Love Your Genes hashtag (#WLYG) particularly to discover trying models simply like Traoré, urging Instagrammers to transfer photos of themselves utilizing the hashtag to get themselves took note.

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    "I continued unearthing the hashtag and pondered what it implied, so I Googled it," Traoré let us know. "Following half a month they saw my photos and we connected with one another - that is the manner by which I wound up being agreed upon."

    Jeni Rose, senior VP at IMG Models, clarified how the activity began. "When I was in Australia in 2013 everyone had exceptionally dynamic Instagram accounts, though in Paris and New York you didn't see that to such an extent," she let us know. "So I figured I should make an Instagram account which I thought would be great for exploring."

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    She wound up finding stunning ability from everywhere throughout the world. The hashtag opened entryways for young ladies who couldn't stand tothe movement to castings or who don't live in huge urban areas, where you are well on the way to get explored.

    "The accounts are insane from a portion of the young ladies that we've discovered," said Rose. "There's a young lady we've been in contact with from Venezuela and where she lives is very risky so she doesn't have the chance tomove.

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    "One of our staff individuals, who is likewise from that point, headed toward meet her. How might we have ever discovered her generally?"

    Online life can be vocation changing for the hereditarilyhonoured as far as being found and as an instrument for self-advancement, however being a model in the computerized age can have its drawbacks as well.

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    "The principal thing that models do when they wake upchecks their telephone and see a feed of different models," Traoré clarifies. "It's difficult to change off from the business and consider it to be only a vocation and not your entire life."

    A year ago, an investigation found that Instagram was the most noticeably awful informal organization as far as its effect on emotional wellness, connecting it to discouragement and nervousness.

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    In spite of the fact that the demonstrating scene may appear to be loaded with fearlessness, that is unmistakably not the situation. "You may get shaky contrasting yourself with another young lady at a throwing, yet now you can think about yourself constant at any second of the day on Instagram," includes Traoré.

    The half-Ivorian half-Dutch model includes that being continually online is turning into a major piece of what she does, something that didn't jump out at her before she began displaying full time: "It's a major piece of it, to keep an Instagram account and be online all day, every day. I didn't agree to accept this and I do see feeling like I'm squandering my chance simply looking over."

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  • Masz już swoje postanowienie noworoczne?

    Postanowienia noworoczne
  • My Social Book - Your personalized photobook without effort

    portrait of woman and baby

    Can you imagine you can make a book of all your social media posts to save your happy moments? Yeah, this is true you can store your happy social media moments in a single book by using My Social Book. My Social Book is a fantastic book from your Facebook & Instagram posts. This is an amazing and cool platform with a secure and easy interface so you can try it to save your social media memories. This is one and only Complete, Simple and Easy, and Be Surprised.

    My Social Book

    One of the Brand New Solution is Social Photomosaic Wall Decor

    Transform any picture into an astonishing photomosaic with my social book. A unique decoration for your home that will change the way you look at any picture. This is perfect for the gift, using your own Facebook and Instagram images or our preselected images themes. If you are passionate about your social dreams and memories use this in an amazing way.

    My Social Book

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  • Now WhatsApp’s alllows video previews in push notifications

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    Enjoy application WhatsApp is presenting another element for its iOS beta clients which permits video reviews in pop-up messages.The organization is said to finishdeal with a refresh which shows sneakpeaks of recordings when a contact sends you a clasp, as per WABetaInfo. Right now, warnings just come up on the screen with the name of the individual and a short review of the highest point of their message."WhatsApp is revealing the likelihood to see recordings straightforwardly in the pop-up message for any iOS beta client having the adaptation introduced! It will be accessible soon for App Store clients," WABetaInfo tweeted.

    The new component enables clients to get a review of the recordings sent to them by others in pop-up messages, implying that it tends to be seen even from the bolt screens of cell phones.

    Presently the element is accessible for the individuals who have the beta adaptation

    Clients wishing to maintain a strategic distance from reviews in their notices bar will have the capacity to tweak their warning settings.

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  • Tips to stay safe online | Be Safe over Internet

    Being connected with friends and family on Facebook and spending hours scrolling your Instagram is all well and good until your safety is compromised or you are scammed. Here are a few ways you can ensure that you are safe on social media.

    person using laptop

    1. Always use strong passwords. Avoid obvious passwords that can be predicted easily. An alphanumeric string using letters, numbers and special characters is always a safe bet.
    2. Check what you are sharing. Revealing your home address, bank account information or contact number online have dangerous consequences.
    3. Do not post pictures of your vacation until you get back home. Posting pictures while you are not home can give an idea that your residence is not occupied and can be an easy target for robbers.

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    1. Do not use the same password for every online account. Hackers and scammers may gain deep access to your virtual presence. You can also be a victim of identity theft.
    2. Set unique answers to your security answers. It is one more layer of added security and is available on almost every online platform.
    3. Avoid clicking on sketchy- lookingemails in your mailbox. It is an easy way of phishing that may expose your password.
    4. Lock your phone. It goes without saying that in case your phone gets lost and in hands of a stranger, you would not want your confidential details to be accessible by everyone.
  • WhatsApp brings picture-in-picture (PiP) mode to all Android users

    white Android smartphone beside banknotes

    WhatsApp has presented the image in-picture mode with the most recent form of its Android application. This component will enable clients to watch video content from outsider applications inside WhatsApp, without the need to move outside atalking window. While this refresh has been accessible on iOS since right off the bat in the year, PiP mode was at first presented in the stage's Android beta in October.

    Through the most recent Android adaptation of WhatsApp, clients won't be diverted to outer pages, in the event that they tap on video joins sent from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, among others. At the point when a connection from an outsider video interface shows up on WhatsApp, one can discover the video card with an obscured form of the thumbnail picture, and in addition the stage logo.

    On tapping the connection, the PiP mode makes the video played super 50% of the visit window, which clients can change over to full-screen seeing, while clients can likewise work the video timetable bar beneath, to look to or past changed portions.

    While the Facebook-possessed stage is relied upon togrow bolster crosswise over more stages, real online networking stages have been incorporated for PiP mode. Clients can check for WhatsApp rendition 2.18.380 through the Google Play Store, or consider refreshing their application to utilize the equivalent. This mode can be utilized for both individual talks and gatheringvisits, and is perfect crosswise over Android gadgets.

    WhatsApp has likewise been trying other new highlights for Android, for example, an enhanced gathering calling interface. This will enable clients to call up all individuals from a gathering call in the meantime, rather than thinking about independently adding them to a current call. This element is now present oniOS, and could be taken off soon. Likewise, WhatsApp is thinking about a Dark mode,as YouTube, to make evening seeing less demanding.

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  • Why Social Media Could Be Ruining Your Health

    Social media platforms are a great way to stay connected to friends and family and provide us with a way
    to express ourselves and have some emotional support, but mostly Social media has a very damaging
    effect on the well being of its users, which has been well admitted by Facebook executives. Research
    has shown that Instagram is the worst social media as it adversely hampers mental health and is
    responsible for the self-esteem issue, as depicted in the survey.


    Here are some ways in which social
    media may be ruining your health.

     Social Media Addiction
    The addiction to Social media has been compared to addiction to cigarettes or alcohol. You
    may be facing an addiction to social media if it is affecting your daily life in a negative way.
    Checking your Twitter feed every few minutes or spending hours on Snapchat and Instagram
    impulsively so that it makes you restless without it is not a good sign for your well-being.

     False Information
    Social media is flooded with fake news and information, so if one does not exercise caution
    it can have dangerous consequences. Rumors about our surroundings can cause
    unnecessary stress. Unchecked medical information and self- medication based off on social
    media forwards and posts may even be fatal. You must always consult your doctor before
    taking drugs or herbs mention on the web.
     Fear of Missing Out
    All the posts on Social media about events, parties,and travels of our friends and celebrities
    make us feel like we are missing out on life and can cause anxiety. We feel inadequate in our
    own life and by comparing our lives to other people’s social media reels we can suffer from
    major self- esteem issues.

     Sleep Problems
    The light from our smartphone screens can disrupt our REM sleep patterns and make it
    difficult to have a good night’s rest. Poor sleep cycle results in many health complications
    like weight gain, migraines, lack of energy and it will make you feel tired all day and difficult
    to get work done.
     Eyesight Damage
    Long hours surfing Social media can strain out your eyes. The light from smartphone screens
    may result in a poor eyesight and chronic headaches.
     Anxiety and Depression
    The adverse effect of social media on mental health has been well documented. Sometimes
    social media can be a very negative space with not a lot of place for positive self-expression.
    With the increase in presence of internet trolls more and more people are suffering from
    depression, anxiety and body image issues.

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