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  • US-North Korea Summit ! Really a peaceful meet or another political stunt?

    180612090723 donald trump kim jong un exlarge 169Just a few weeks ago we have seen the world’s greatest arch-enemies shaking hands and meeting like they were the boon companion. It is none other than US president Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. In this high profile summit, many decisions have been taken which may change the fortune of the whole world.

    Was it really a peaceful meet or just another political stunt performed by the two leaders?

    One major statement was to shut down the nuclear activities carried out by North Korea. For your information, North Korea has successfully tested hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in late 2017 as they are claiming but there is no response delivered by North Korea till date.

    This is not the first time North Korea's leader Kim is defying the provisions set in the summit. There are some rules and provisions made which whole has to strictly follow but he is the one who went against these rules and regulations several times but no one is there who is speaking against this.

    Isn’t this some serious matter we all have to stand against?

    This summit was hosted by Singapore, the benevolent nation for both the participant countries. Many decisions were taken in favor of both the countries as well as the world but what I believe is that it doesn’t matter how much rules you make, the main part is put it into effect immediately.

    Singapore has spent around 12 million US dollar to organize this summit, many extremely high-security measures were taken as world’s one of the greatest leaders were meeting, almost the whole world got engaged by leaving their respective work but the question arises…..

    What is the guarantee that all the decisions taken will be implemented?

    If implemented, what’s the guarantee that same thing will be done as said?

    I know this will sound senseless, but this is what politics is, it teaches you how to manipulate anything by performing some political stunts and the funniest thing about this is that we praise them for there doing instead of boycotting.

    Almost everything went in favor of North Korea, the US has withdrawn their armed forces and troops from South Korea as both US Army and South Korean army were conducting a joint military exercise to prepare against North Korea. Both the nations agreed on a security guarantee of North Korea.


    So, these things will keep happening until we raise our voice against it.

    This is the matter of security of the whole world so whatever has happened was good if it gets implemented.

    I am not saying to shut down the bad ones but some amendment has to be made in order to control and make things in the right way because “To err is Human, but to blame someone else is politics.”

    So think and tell me that “What could be the way to control these political stunts?”