According to 2018 report from Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford, Whatsapp is being used mostly for news sharing purpose across America and Asia. For 18 months, it is noticed that around 200 million new people started using the internet on 4G phones, definitely using Whatsapp. Due to which problem of fake news spreading is growing increasingly at an alarming rate. India's technology ministry stated on July 19 that company would face legal action if it remained a “mute spectator” to the violent consequences of false stories circulating in the city. It said, "the medium used for such propagation cannot evade responsibility". Many Indians use Whatsapp, not for the messaging platform. But for spreading rumors and wrong information against whom they want.
    To solve the problem a few changes were made in Whatsapp which you must have noticed. It added a setting that would allow only admins to send messages in a group. It reduced the number of people to which you can forward the message. The number in India changed from 100 to 5 and to 20 in the rest of the world which would decrease the spreading rate of fake news.

     The very smart step taken is It also removed the "quick forward" button that appears next to the text message, photos, video, and audio.  It also created a "suspicious link" label, which will appear alongside links where Whatsapp detects an obvious problem. This would reduce the spreading of the rumors and wrong information to very much extent.
    Whatsapp is now trying to understand the platform on which India use it. While the forwarding message limit is reduced. Whatsapp new measures are a band-aid and not the solution. There are very much expectations from these steps taken stop the misuse of Whatsapp facilities.

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  • 5 Best Features Coming Soon on Whatsapp

    person holding phone

    Throughout the years, WhatsApp has changed the manner in which we impart. Atfirst, propelled as a plain vanilla texting application, it has gradually advanced into a standout amongst the most-famous correspondence application. A substantial credit of this goes to the newfeatures that continue getting added to the application, both for Android and in addition Apple iOS clients.

    Ina previous couple of weeks as well, WhatsApp Beta, the site that tracks forthcoming changes in WhatsApp, has detected a few newups and coming WhatsApp highlights. Hereis a portion of the key ones:


    Dull mode (seen both in Android and iOS)

    The Dark Mode on WhatsApp has been in progress since a while now. This element will turn the foundation of the WhatsApp visit dull. The Dark Mode on WhatsApp will be like what we have onwell-known applications like YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps and others. The component has been spotted for both Android and iOS stages.

    Image result for Offer contact data by means of QR

    Online Tech Tips


    Offer contact data by means of QR (seen both in Android and iOS

    This component will help WhatsApp clients to share their contact data all the more effortlessly. It will assist clients with generating a QR code that will incorporate their contact data. When this QR code is shared, WhatsApp will naturally fill all fields and the contact will be included clients' location book. It will work like the Nametag highlight, which was taken off on Instagram as of late.


    Gathering calling alternate route (accessible to iOS, seen in Android)

    This element has just been taken off toiOS clients and was as of late seen in Android Beta variant. It will put another symbol to begin a video bring in the upper right corner of a gathering visit. Tapping on it will demonstrate a rundown of the considerable number of members of that amass with the exception of individuals who are not in clients' contacts list. You can choose at most extreme three clients to call all the while.

    Image result for Multi-share Files whatsapp

    The Indian Express

    Multi-share Files (seen in Android)

    The element will empower WhatsApp clients to share a document (PDF, sound, and so forth) with at least two contacts from another application. This element will likewise give clients a see of the message before it is conveyed.

    View recordings specifically in the pop-up message (seen in iOS)

    Seen in iOS, this element will permit WhatsApp clients to play recordings they get in the pop-up message itself and kill the need to open the talk.

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  • Czy nasze życie zmieni się po koronawirusie?

    Czy nasze życie zmieni się po koronawirusie
  • Facebook introduces new features for Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp

    Image result for facebook f8 2019

    Image Source - .indiatoday.in

  • Fingerprint Lock Feature by WhatsApp for Android Latest Beta Version

  • Forward Message Info, Short Link for Business, and more in Whatsapp new features release

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    Image Source - BusinessToday.in

  • Here's how to play continuous WhatsApp voice messages

    woman holding black smartphone at Whatsapp logo

    WhatsApp is supposedly taking a shot at another component which will empower clients to hear consistent voice messages in a talk without the need of tapping the play catch over and over. WhatsApp has been adding new highlights to its stage with the end goal to enhance the general client encounter. In the wake of propelling highlights, for example, WhatsApp stickers and video mode for talks, WhatsApp is purportedly wanting to rollout another Consecutive voice messages include which will give clients a chance to play at least two voice messages consistently without the need to tap on the play catch.

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    As indicated by a report by WABetainfo, the people at WhatsApp are thoroughly working with the end goal to add this component to the Facebook-claimed stage, while some more enhancements are relied upon to be discharged in the following updates. The Consecutive voice messages is yet not accessible for advancement reasons since it needs a few enhancements previously being taken off for everybody.

    This new component was spotted by WABetainfo after WhatsApp presented another refresh through the Google Play Beta Program which accompanies the rendition up to 2.18.362. Here is the means by which the new component works.

    WhatsApp successive voice messages: Here's the way to play ceaseless WhatsApp voice messages


    At the point when WhatsApp identifies at least two back to back voice messages, it will naturally empower the Consecutive voice messages highlight

    All the all continuous voice messages will be played as a succession after you play the first and it won't be important to tap on the play catch on each message.

    At the point when a voice message will end, WhatsApp will play a short sound to make you mindful of this.

    It will likewise imply that the following voice message is prepared to be played.

    An alternate sound will be played when the grouping of voice messages end

    There has been no reports on when WhatsApp will reveal the back to back voice messages include, be that as it may, since it has just been seen in testing stage, we do anticipate that it will rollout in the following real refresh for both Android and iOS clients.

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  • How Whatsapp Suddenly Disapper From Google Play Store and Back Again

  • Now WhatsApp’s alllows video previews in push notifications

    219342 6974365 Updates

    Enjoy application WhatsApp is presenting another element for its iOS beta clients which permits video reviews in pop-up messages.The organization is said to finishdeal with a refresh which shows sneakpeaks of recordings when a contact sends you a clasp, as per WABetaInfo. Right now, warnings just come up on the screen with the name of the individual and a short review of the highest point of their message."WhatsApp is revealing the likelihood to see recordings straightforwardly in the pop-up message for any iOS beta client having the adaptation introduced! It will be accessible soon for App Store clients," WABetaInfo tweeted.

    The new component enables clients to get a review of the recordings sent to them by others in pop-up messages, implying that it tends to be seen even from the bolt screens of cell phones.

    Presently the element is accessible for the individuals who have the beta adaptation

    Clients wishing to maintain a strategic distance from reviews in their notices bar will have the capacity to tweak their warning settings.

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  • Now You can Prevent Someone From Adding You to Whatsapp Group

    Related image

    Image Source - searchenginejournal.com

  • Prevent WhatsApp from eating your phone's memory


    Image Source- indiatoday.in

  • This WhatsApp feature could be draining your mobile phone's battery

  • WhatsApp brings picture-in-picture (PiP) mode to all Android users

    white Android smartphone beside banknotes

    WhatsApp has presented the image in-picture mode with the most recent form of its Android application. This component will enable clients to watch video content from outsider applications inside WhatsApp, without the need to move outside atalking window. While this refresh has been accessible on iOS since right off the bat in the year, PiP mode was at first presented in the stage's Android beta in October.

    Through the most recent Android adaptation of WhatsApp, clients won't be diverted to outer pages, in the event that they tap on video joins sent from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, among others. At the point when a connection from an outsider video interface shows up on WhatsApp, one can discover the video card with an obscured form of the thumbnail picture, and in addition the stage logo.

    On tapping the connection, the PiP mode makes the video played super 50% of the visit window, which clients can change over to full-screen seeing, while clients can likewise work the video timetable bar beneath, to look to or past changed portions.


    While the Facebook-possessed stage is relied upon togrow bolster crosswise over more stages, real online networking stages have been incorporated for PiP mode. Clients can check for WhatsApp rendition 2.18.380 through the Google Play Store, or consider refreshing their application to utilize the equivalent. This mode can be utilized for both individual talks and gatheringvisits, and is perfect crosswise over Android gadgets.

    WhatsApp has likewise been trying other new highlights for Android, for example, an enhanced gathering calling interface. This will enable clients to call up all individuals from a gathering call in the meantime, rather than thinking about independently adding them to a current call. This element is now present oniOS, and could be taken off soon. Likewise, WhatsApp is thinking about a Dark mode,as YouTube, to make evening seeing less demanding.

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  • WhatsApp Is Changing Its 'Delete For Everyone' Feature To Make It Harder For Anyone To Cheat

    woman holding black smartphone at Whatsapp logo

    It was a year ago that WhatsApp presented the 'Erase for Everyone' include, which let you completely delete your messaging blunders from the discussion. Discussion.

    Presently, the organisation has settled it in the most recent refresh, so the element turns out to be more vigorous and harder to manhandle.

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    The new refresh was issued a couple of days back, which WABetaInfo sifted through. The Delete include was at first propelled with a 7-minute window a year ago, where messages would just be erased if that time window hadn't shut. It was later expanded to 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

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    The issue was, modders were utilising changed renditions of the application to swindle the element. They did this by deceiving the use into speculation the telephone was off, with the end goal of the back end erase ask. If a man's phone were off amid the whole 1-hour window, they wouldn't get the demand and the message being referred to would remain on their cellphone notwithstanding being erased from everybody else's.

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    Furthermore, some were likewise utilising it to erase messages over three years of age!

    In the new refresh, the window has been expanded to 13 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds, and it additionally has another 'square deny ask for' check. If a man's application doesn't get the erase ask for from the sender inside the 13-hour time confine, it will rather obstruct the delete as opposed to completing it for every other person. That route, in any event, the sender knows something has turned out badly as opposed to one individual in a gathering talk holding a message that ought to have been destroyed.

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    Once more, this is a back-end highlight, so no client needs to interface with it after the first sender hits the 'Erase for Everyone' catch.

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  • WhatsApp is going to quit dealing with significantly more individuals' telephones

    Image result for whatsapp

    Img Src - metro.co.uk